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Ciera Harp: Where is Rahim Grant’s Ex-Girlfriend Now?

The fatality of a promising young rapper that was thought to be a result of protection soon became cold-blooded murder. Rahim Grant was eliminated by the mother of his child in 2017. A mobile phone video recording blew the instance wide open, at some point securing the killer’s destiny. Examination Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Tainted Love’ explores Rahim’s fatality by Ciera Harp as one of three grievous acts of physical violence that are included on the show. So, are you questioning what took place to Rahim and where Ciera may be now? We’ve got you covered.

Who is Ciera Harp?

When she met Rahim Grant, Ciera Harp was working as a nightclub promoter at 24-years-old. She was drawn in to him, as well as after their meeting, Rahim employed her to promote his online programs as well as appearances. Right off the bat, things seemed off. On the show, it was stated that just two months after their conference, Ciera surged Rahim’s beverage, after which they had sex. Ciera was expecting and gave birth to a child girl, with Rahim being the papa.

According to Rahim’s mother, Geraldine Grant Bryson, Ciera was consumed with Rahim and had a volatile and tumultuous relationship with him. Everything came to a head on December 29, 2017. Ciera had actually been living with Rahim and their daughter in his apartment in Clayton County, Georgia. On that night, Ciera mosted likely to their next-door neighbor profusely bleeding, with her daughter in tow. The authorities were called, as well as Ciera told them that she had actually been attacked by Rahim, leading her to shoot and kill him in self-defense.

On the night of the incident, the two of them had an argument after which Rahim started to record a video. In it, Rahim is seen saying that Ciera stabbed him.

Ciera is heard screaming at Rahim, claiming he abused her for the past four years, while she shot Rahim multiple times in front of their daughter. Rahim is recorded warning her not to shoot because that would put her in prison but Ciera is heard screaming she didn’t care. By the end of it, Ciera had shot Rahim seven times, killing him.

Where is Ciera Harp Now?

On May 22, 2019, 29-year-old Ciera Harp was found guilty of murdering Rahim Grant. Ciera’s mother had harsh words for her daughter during her trial proceedings.

Ciera’s uncle painted a sympathetic picture of her, saying she had suffered physical, mental, and sexual abuse at a young age. Ciera apologized to Rahim’s mother while in court. In June 2019, Ciera was sentenced to a total of 125 years behind bars.

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