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City on the Hill Seasons 3 Episode 6 Recap, Ending, Explained

Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) stands for the old Boston, which is perfectly satisfied to live in the past, whereas Assistant District Attorney DeCourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) is the Boston that aims to be better as it prepares to step into a new millennium. In season 3 episode 6, entitled ‘Tenderness,’ Jackie obtains shot. Below is every little thing you require to know concerning the ending of ‘City on a Hill’ period 3 episode 6.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins as Jackie is given the healthcare facility. He has been fired while exploring what took place to one of Sinclair’s sufferers. At the hospital, nobody from his past tenure as an FBI officer comes to see him. Ward eventually does, but that is just because Siobhan convinces him. Also the hospital staff quickly realizes that Jackie is as well as begins to prevent him. After Jackie’s procedure, he is changed to a space that he needs to show to a gay young man that has been hospitalized after being attacked by regional jerks. Both guys have the same negative overview regarding the globe and right away dislike each other. Leticia stops by, and her actions trigger Jen to practically validate that Jackie is having an affair.

Jen’s undesirable mom reappears in this episode, stating to her child that if Jackie dies, she will certainly return right into your home. Towards completion of the episode, Jen heads out on a day with Doyle as well as kisses him, flipping the script on how points have actually been between her and also Jackie because the beginning.

Ward attempts to develop an instance versus Sinclair yet discovers that many of his victims are either dead or gone from Boston prior to discovering one woman still in the city. Siobhan faces a substantial uphill battle in the Great Dig case as a press reporter comes after her with the expertise of what she and also her pal did years ago. After that, the said press reporter releases a post exonerating her, enabling her as soon as even more to focus on her instance.

City on a Hill Season 6 Episode 6 Ending: Who Shot Jackie?

Throughout his career in law enforcement, Jackie hasn’t made that many friends, if the number of individuals that come to see him is any indication, however he sure has actually made plenty of enemies. For all his lack of moral determination, Jackie was a phenomenal law enforcement agent when he wanted to be. Jackie believes that the Sicilians are behind the attack, however he gains from his FBI resource that all participants of the mafia are still in jail.

Jackie’s current employer most definitely has an objective to go after him, especially if Letitia has actually told him that Jackie has actually been performing a personal investigation on his victims. If Sinclair does recognize, he is bound to come after Jackie. After that once again, the assault on Jackie seems like it was done by 2 amateurs, as well as a guy with Sinclair’s money and also connection will certainly not hire beginners.

If it’s not the mafia and also it isn’t Sinclair, it has to be the associates of someone Jackie has outraged just recently. That list can potentially be method as well long. We know that it can not be Doyle. Regardless of his history with the IRS, it is very unlikely that he will ask two of his affiliates to go after Jackie. We are ultimately back to either the mafia or Sinclair. Provided what we know since episode 6, it’s most likely the former.

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