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Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Recap, Ending, Explained

In the l lth episode of ‘Classroom of the Elite’ season 2 labelled ‘A Man Who Can not Command Himself Will Always Be a Slave,’ Ryuuen and also his men go to Class D looking for the mastermind and comply with Kouenji as soon as he leaves the room. In his desperation, Ryuuen corners Karuizawa and also abuses her to figure out the real identity of the man running Class D. Here’s every little thing you need to understand concerning the ending of ‘Classroom of the Elite’ season 2 episode 11.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The day after Ayanokouji tells Karuizawa that he is going to reduce all connections with her, she waits for him at the institution. When Karuizawa greets him, Ayanokouji treats her like any other acquaintance and also does not show any type of emotion. Later that day, Ryuuen check outs Class D with his men and appears to be seeking someone. As soon as he sees Kouenji leaving of the course, he and also his guys start to follow him- sparking a turmoil among Class D trainees.

It is apparent from Ryuuen’s demeanor that he has actually planned something wickedness. When they finally discover Ryuuen, Kouenji, and others, they can really feel the stress in the atmosphere.

Ryuuen is straightforward as well as asks Kouenji if he is the mastermind behind Class D, that has actually been undermining his plans lately. Kouenji essentially belittles the concept as well as says that he is never thinking about the national politics of different courses. Despite Ryuuen attempting to come up with the most effective disagreements he can, Kouenji continues to show remarkable restraint and control of his feelings.

When Ryuuen lastly threatens to obtain him struck by his men, Kouenji warns him that he would certainly knock any individual that attempts ahead near to him. The battle at some point finishes in a stalemate, with Ryuuen still totally unaware regarding the mastermind’s genuine identification. He makes a decision to take the issue into his very own hands and also takes on severe steps to figure out the reality.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Ending

After the conflict with Kouenji does not generate the wanted result, Ryuuen in his desperation chooses to go after Karuizawa- the only person that understands the real identity of the mastermind without a shadow of a question. There are cams all over in the institution, Ryuuen as well as his guys manage to deactivate them by accessing the control room.

Karuizawa does not throw away any time and asks Ryuuen why he had called her there. Ryuuen is straight to the point as well as asks Karuizawa if she understands the real identification of class D’s mastermind.

Manabe had informed him that they had been harassing her until the mastermind stepped in and also saved Karuizawa from them. Her statement shows that Kazuizawa has to have come in straight contact with the mastermind at some time, so she is clearly existing today. When it appears that she is not likely to open her mouth without coercion, Ryuuen and also his guys begin harassing her recognizing that she has actually been bullied for years. They do not stop there, they then resort to also much more determined means to obtain the information they require. Karuizawa needs to sustain waterboarding, a terrible form of torment, over and over once again.

Ryuuen continues to attempt and also break her down emotionally but Karuizawa appears determined. Ryuuen is identified as well as if no one rescues her, Karuizawa will most likely get psychologically scared for life.

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