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Controversy breaks out over the alleged presentation of Julion Alvarez while intoxicated

Last weekend break, Julion Alvarez made a presentation in Baja California, Mexico. What captured our attention is that the interpreter of “You’re going to miss me” seemed to have had way too many beverages and was somewhat disoriented; In addition, his voice did not seem to be the common one, according to a video clip that is flowing on social media networks.

Web customers spoke out about what appeared to be a bad moment in the life of the vocalist from Chiapas. “If you do not like his means of being, do not go, he leases to sing is a show, and also those who go know what they’re going for.

“What a huge lack of respect for the general public, pay to see a drunk sing????”; “But there will be those that don’t such as that type of efficiency as well as actually like their songs. They do not should have that”, and “He does not constantly do it, here he passed the beverages too many, compared to Edwin Caz absolutely nothing to do They are frightened of the adversary and they lug it on their backs”, were other remarks.

Although the controversy proceeded, “What a horror to pay to go see drunkards sing, the general public should have regard, I believe”; “On one more event in a palenque he urinated there in the sector, next to a horn. He was likewise drunk”; “They all do the very same! They always go to the keke! [intoxicated] Even the same individuals use them alcohol and also if they don’t approve, they really feel offended!”, as well as “Pay a ticket to see a kareoke that sings them the general public and then he will appear to say excuse me, a generous public,” they added.

Until now, Julion Alvarez has actually not ruled on the issue; it is unidentified if he will do so later.

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