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Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez Jr Now: Where Are The Bling Ring’s Members Now?

With ‘The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist’ chronicling the serial celebrity residence robberies of the late aughts, we get a true insight right into the complicated truth of what specifically transpired and also why. This Netflix initial makes use of both first-hand accounts as well as historical footage to chart the incredible story of those fame-curious people that in fact handled to swipe from the elite. Amongst them were none other than essential crew members Courtney Leigh Ames and also Roy Lopez Jr.– so now, if you desire for more information regarding them, we’ve obtained every needed information for you.

That Are Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez Jr.?

Because Courtney Ames was an old pal of squad leader Rachel Lee, she presumably understood when the latter at first began burglarizing the houses of Hollywood stars like Paris Hilton as well as Audrina Patridge. Not only did she apparently obtain some of the pilfered things herself, however her boyfriend Jonathan Ajar (AKA Jonnie Dangerous) was likewise accountable for marketing the loot to obtain them cash money. The Calabasas High School grad ostensibly also presented Roy Lopez Jr. to the ring, just to after that have him clean regarding $2 million worth of fashion jewelry from the aforementioned socialite’s home.

Nevertheless, the fact is Roy really did not have the criminal capacity to fencing the items he swiped, implying most of them were recouped and gone back to Paris upon his concern around October 2009. On the other side, although Courtney preserved she had no hand in the issue, she was quickly prosecuted for breaking into the media personality’s residence as she had her leather coat in possession. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the latter was a plain teen right now like a lot of the staff, yet her colleague Roy (a bouncer she ‘d satisfied while waitressing at a local bar-restaurant) was in his mid-20s.

Where Are Courtney Ames as well as Roy Lopez Now?

In spite of their supposed involvement along with the district attorneys’ clear purpose to make them stand test for the best result, both Courtney and also Roy were eventually allowed to go into plea offers. That’s mostly since the state’s case obtained compromised owing to Lead Investigative Detective Brett Goodkin’s decision to function as a consultant on a movie based upon all this, per the docuseries. Upon begging no contest to a solitary count of getting swiped residential property each, while Courtney was handed 60 days community solution as well as 3 years probation, Roy only got probation.

We must discuss Courtney in fact wore a pendant that belonged to Lindsay Lohan (an additional robbery sufferer) to court someday back in 2009– she really did not acquire included costs for the exact same. Concerning her existing standing, from what we can tell, the Calabasas homeowner likes to keep her distance well away from the spotlight these days simply to move on from the past completely. Nonetheless, we do recognize Courtney had registered at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California, adhering to the closure of the legal issue, where she examined child, speech, as well as psychology development.

Courtney was apparently obtaining “straight As” in every class around 2013, which indicates her profession could be in the field of either treatment or social work nowadays, considering her large enthusiasm. She had additionally submitted documents to legally alter her name to Courtney Shields in 2016 to honor her caring stepfather– famed fighter Randy Shields– yet it’s uncertain whether or not her request was accepted. When it comes to Roy, he has honestly, effectively, and also completely prevented the general public eye since he was officially punished in late 2012.

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