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COVID: Nigerians get contactless point of sale payment app

By Robert Egbe

Logistics firm Marula Ventures has released the Ohwo App to help reduce the risk of physical contact and make payments more manageable following the need for safe payment alternatives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The firm described the Ohwo App as a fast, secure and straightforward way of making and receiving payments instantly by scanning a QR code from the sellers’ phone or device using an android or IOS phone.

Speaking at the launch, Marula Ventures’ Head of Business Development, Toyin Adebola, said creating an app that would promote safe and straightforward payment was the driving force behind Ohwo.

Highlighting other features of the App, Adebola said it is easy and fast to download and install.

Ohwo, he added, “is a huge step up from your regular POS. It is the premier contactless digital POS that takes away the need for extra hardware (POS machine, ATM cards, etc.). All you need to enjoy seamless transactions is Ohwo on your phone. Retailers using the ‘Ohwo Seller App’ would not have to go through the tedious process of auditing their books, queueing tiringly for a large device etc. The Ohwo accurate bookkeeping/ auditing function automatically audits business transactions. It is your efficient unpaid accountant.”

Adebola further noted that sellers and buyers using the App could easily track their transactions, sales and purchases with ease from within the App.

He said it is easy to download by typing in the transaction value, generating QR code, scanning the code and receiving payment, has no heavy charges.

“Ohwo makes everyday transactions as simple and reliable as possible. In addition to this, you will experience no more heavy POS charges and no more card loss. Ohwo’s mission is to solve the Nigerian payment problem, one download at a time.”

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