Darin Routier: Where is Darlie Routier Ex-Husband Now?

Darin Routier: Where is Darlie Routier Ex-Husband Now?

ABC’s ‘The Last Defense’ is a documentary show that reveals the several flaws within the American justice system by diving deep right into some of one of the most complicated death row cases of individuals who keep their virtue to this day. Among them is Darlie Lynn Peck Routier, that was convicted and sentenced in 1997 without any witnesses, confessions, or considerable evidence linking her to the murder of 2 of her kids, 6-year-old Devon as well as 5-year-old Damon. And, as we see in the series, Darin Routier, her then-husband as well as the daddy of her 3 children, thinks in her virtue.

Who is Darin Routier?

Darin as well as Darlie Routier had fulfilled at a dining establishment in Lubbock, Texas, on the afternoon of Mother’s Day in May 1985, after the latter’s mom had established a conference between them. Working at the exact same restaurant where Darin, at just 17, verified to be an ambitious assistant supervisor, she understood that he would certainly be an excellent match for her 15-year-old child– as well as she was. Both had their very first date that same evening, fell in love, and came to be indivisible. Actually, they just waited till August 1988 to obtain married because of their age. An entrepreneur given that he was 13, Darin was doing effectively at the time.

As the years passed by, though, their lush lifestyles and a couple of troubles with Darin’s services resulted in installing financial debt. That eventful June 1996 day transpired and also Darin heard his other half scream in the middle of the night. Darin ultimately heard the story from Darlie, thought her, and also cooperated with detectives until they arrested his better half.

Where is Darin Routier Now?

When Darlie Routier was billed with two matters of capital murder based on seemingly incriminating evidence, Darin Routier talked to the police officers and went with the entire listing of “evidence,” disclosing the basic, non-criminal, and also sane explanations behind them. Absolutely nothing, Darin implied, was exact about exactly how Darlie was being repainted.

Darin filed for divorce in June 2011, which was finalized later on that year, yet he made sure to reveal that it was a shared decision and that he proceeds to think in Darlie’s virtue. I didn’t divorce Darlie since I really felt that she was guilty. With that claimed, from what we can tell, Darin, still staying in Texas, is in a pleased union with Cindy Black.

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