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Dave Hahn: Where Is the Expedition Leader Now?

Netflix’s ‘Aftershock: Everest And The Nepal Earthquake’ chronicles how the 2015 Nepal quake left death and also devastation in its wake. By talking to a number of regional citizens, visitors, and also mountaineers, the docu-series attempts to showcase exactly how numerous people shed their possessions, resources, and enjoyed ones to nature’s fury. It truthfully is rather difficult to keep back splits after observing what the survivors on screen have experienced.

Experienced mountaineer as well as expedition leader Dave Hahn was in Nepal at the time of the earthquakes. With audiences now curious to know more regarding Dave, we chose to discover out where he is at existing.

That Is Dave Hahn?

Although Dave was born in Okinawa, Japan, on November 3, 1961, he and his family later relocated to the United States, and Dave spent his childhood years between the states of California, New York, as well as New Mexico. Remarkably, coming to be a mountain guide and also an expedition leader wasn’t Dave’s preliminary preference as he earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Nevertheless, after his graduation, his daddy took him on an expedition to climb Mount Rainier’s top, which opened his eyes to the appeals of the hills. Throughout the expedition, Dave fulfilled numerous guides as well as leaders who helped him discover his enthusiasm, as well as by the end of it, Dave was excited to turn his desire into a truth. After getting the necessary certifications, Dave started his journey as a ski patroller in 1985 as well as was figured out to come to be one of the ideal in his area.

In due time, Dave finished to a guide, and also his experience aided him climb up the ranks to become an expedition leader. By the way, Dave was existing in the Everest base camp when the earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. Dave’s experience and also good luck finally led him out of the method of Danger, and he was able to escape from the jaws of fatality.

Where Is Dave Hahn Now?

Currently, Dave is an enhanced mountaineer and expedition leader who has attempted to climb up Everest an overall of 21 times yet got to the top a document 15 times, making him the only American to do so. He embarked on several journeys to the summits of Vinson Massif and Denali while additionally leading explorations to Everest as well as South Georgia. Additionally, viewers will certainly be stunned to understand that the experienced overview has actually contributed as an author to Outside Magazine as well as was a part of the Mallory as well as Irvine Expedition that recovered the lost body of George Mallory.

Dave is 60 years old at present, he still functions as an expedition leader and is equally enthusiastic regarding mountaineering as he was the day he first began. Resources declare that Dave has actually refused to lead more expeditions to Everest given that the Nepal disaster.

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