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David Blaustein: Where is Woodstock ’99 Journalist Now?

In 1999, songs followers looked ahead to the revival of one of the most prominent counterculture music celebrations of all time: Woodstock. David Blaustein, that was right in the thick of things at the time as a young press reporter, shares his experiences on the program.

Who is David Blaustein?

At the time, David was only 26 years old as well as had actually taken a trip to Rome, New York, as a novice journalist to cover Woodstock. During a radio interview in August 2022, David remembered there were indications from the beginning that things were not alright.

On the program, David discussed the 1990s being an age brimming with sexuality and violence, potentially supplying an understanding into what the concertgoers were believing at the time. During Limp Bizkit’s performance at Woodstock, David really got involved in a mosh pit, offering a distinct viewpoint to the news insurance coverage at the time. But according to him, Fred Durst, the diva, provoked the crowd up, which quickly resulted in people diving over each other, creating numerous injuries.

David remembered seeing a girl who was hurt in the head by a glass container, people with damaged bones, as well as blood all over in the clinical area. Furthermore, he mentioned in the radio interview that the washroom centers were horrible, the sewer system left a great deal to be desired, as well as the framework was poor. Every one of this caused the perfect storm, which finished in looting as well as vandalism.

Where is David Blaustein Today?

On the show, David talked concerning exactly how people in groups began to act like animals right after the final act finished executing on the 3rd day. While David obtained out all right in the end, Woodstock ’99 was a calamity.

Covering the celebration, David is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic as well as has actually evaluated numerous movies. David worked for radio networks prior to relocating on to on-air jobs.

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