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Davido’s cousin B-Red reads out riot act to show promoters

Davido’s cousin and DMW artist Adebayo Adeleke aka B-Red has called out some show promoters for failing to keep to an agreement on show bookings.

In an Instagram story, B Red said he paused his gym session to address the issue explaining the difference between show and appearance.

He said: “These people call and say ‘oh please can I book B-Red for an appearance, you’ll now bill them for appearance then you ask them are you sure it’s not a show.

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“They’ll say no just appearance for two-three hours, cool they pay. Next thing, on getting to the club they start bringing mic, like why are you handing me the mic bruh, you paid for appearance, not a show.

“Sometimes I get nice and perform one or two songs, bruh not happening this year fam, you pay for the show is a show, pay for appearance is appearance. Don’t bring that bullshit.”

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