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Deaimon: Will Itsuka and Nagomu Ever Reunite With the Person They’ve Been Waiting For?

In Episode 11 of Deaimon, a cold wave has both Irino Nagomu and Yukihira Itsuka caught in old memories. Nagomu combat an uncharacteristic fever while the snow pressures Itsuka to remember the night her papa abandoned her to live at the sugary foods shop. This episode is filled with a melancholy not often seen in Deaimon, yet ends up highly efficient in pushing certain connections ahead– particularly Nagomu and Itsuka’s as they’re forced to confront the past.

Via his feverish desires, Deaimon ultimately discloses Nagomu’s mindset when he made the option to desert the store 10 years ago and also transfer to Tokyo. It ends up it was barely a spur-of-the-moment decision– Nagomu understood for months that his papa really did not plan to pass the store on him.

Nagomu satisfied a senpai who appreciated the sweets from the store, and also negotiated to bring him there for guitar lessons. His senpai liked to see the shop when he had to make a big decision and at some point went to university in Tokyo. He attempted for ten years but stopped working to locate his close friend when Nagomu followed. When Matsukaze Kanoko check outs Nagomu while he is sick, she remembers him calling out his senpai’s name in his rest when he was ill in the past, which would certainly bring about them saying since it is a gender-neutral name. Nevertheless, he never had any type of luck in finding the person who was so crucial in determining his future; upon waking from his fever, he makes a decision that he might have to wait and also wish his senpai will come to him next time he needs to decide.

On the other hand, the dropping snow has Itsuka keeping in mind the evening she was left behind by her daddy, who unexpectedly asked if she wished to go to the sweets store. She wonders just how her life might have been different if she had not consented to go, due to the fact that it existed that her papa asked the Irino family to take her in and afterwards left her behind with the excuse that children only drag you down.

Nagomu, hardly out of bed rest, figures her lonely state of mind and also wakes her in the middle of the night to go play in the snow when it is deepest, just as she would certainly constantly hoped her dad would certainly do. Both go outside at night to develop snowmen, just stopping in the morning. It’s a circumstances of Nagomu genuinely taking Itsuka’s dad’s place; he notices the unhappiness she was trying to hide, then does his finest to combat it by urging Itsuka to play and also take pleasure in life like she must at her young age.

Itsuka may not be competent at expressing her recognition via words in Deaimon, however she makes her sensations understood by gifting Nagomu Valentine’s delicious chocolate the following day. A future in which they run the sugary foods shop together is hardly difficult, with Itsuka dealing with the production of sugary foods while Nagomu takes care of consumer solution, each playing to their toughness.

Both Nagomu and Itsuka strive to barely ever before appear at risk, Nagomu by playing the fool and also Itsuka by carefully constructing walls around her feelings. In order to get close to each other, they have to enable that vulnerability. The truth that Nagomu not only detects Itsuka’s sensations– however understands just how make her feeling much better– shows simply exactly how much he’s come in understanding her, even when she doesn’t claim anything to help hint him in.

Though Nagomu has mainly been enacting her sibling, maybe now that Itsuka is allowing a few of her defenses down, she can genuinely accept one more father figure in her life and recognize that it’s all right to open her heart again to individuals that will not desert her. It will certainly be remarkable to see what Deaimon’s ending has in store for them.

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