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‘Decision to break up’ ranked 9th in ‘Film of the Year’ selected by the British Guardian

Director Park Chan-wook’s film ‘Decision to Break Up’ was ranked 9th in ‘Movie of the Year’ by the British Daily Guardian.

On the 15th (local time), ‘Decision to Break Up’ ranked 9th on the list of ‘2022 Best 50 Movies’ announced by the Guardian at the end of the year.

This ranking is selected by the Guardian Film Team among the films released in the US this year, and has been announced in order from the 50th, and the 1st to 6th have not yet been released.

The Guardian ranked ‘Decision to Break Up’ at number 9 on the 13th, introducing it as “Korean director Park Chan-wook’s sensuous ‘black widow’ crime romance” and adding, “Recently, he has distanced himself from the extreme violence that brought him fame. I was immersed in a rich and suspenseful thriller.”

As for actress Tang Wei, who played the female lead, she praised her performance as “strong, menacing and charming” and showed “overwhelming charisma”.

In this ranking, ‘Broker’ starring Song Kang-ho was ranked 49th. ‘Decision to Break Up’ is an anticipated Korean wave following ‘Parasite’, ‘Buttercup’ and ‘Squid Game’ on the overseas stage, and has been nominated for the Non-English Film Award at the Golden Globes, one of the two major American film awards. Director Park Chan-wook won the Best Director Award for this film at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival held in France in May.

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