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Delbert Stayner Now: Is Steven Stayner Dad Dead or Alive?

Steven Stayner’s parents were left with many questions when their 7-year-old son vanished into thin air in 1972. In 1980, the Stayners’ prayers were answered when Steven returned home after a seven-year disappearance. Steven’s father, Delbert Stayner, struggled in the aftermath of his son’s vanishing like everyone else in the family.

Who Was Delbert Stayner?

Del was birthed in New Mexico in May 1933 as well as transferred to Merced County, California, in 1951. Del served in the US Army for four years until 1957 as a Staff Sergeant. He married Kay concerning three years later on, as well as the couple took place to have three little girls and two kids. However catastrophe struck in December 1972 when Steven disappeared while returning from college.

In the years after Steven vanished, Del spent considerable time looking for anything that would lead him to his son. On the show, Kay mentioned that Del would often drive around looking for freshly dug ground because he thought Steven was dead.

Later, the household also stated that the couple would pursue any type of brand-new pointer that dropped by, with their children in tow. None of them panned out. Luckily, Steven’s remarkable return in 1980 resulted in a satisfied get-together. However, that joy was short-term since he had problem changing back to life with his family members. Steven’s sis, Cory, later said that he never mosted likely to treatment or counseling due to the fact that their papa didn’t think he required it. At one point, Steven mentioned in a meeting, “I’ve been talking with reporters for 9 years. It’s a good alternative.”

The Stayners were in the information yet once again after Cary, Steven’s older sibling, confessed to murdering four ladies, consisting of 2 teens. Throughout the charge phase, Del confessed to having disregarded his kids after Steven went missing and also said pertaining to Cary, “I didn’t fraternize him. I chewed out him a whole lot.” According to an additional report, Del was purchased to undertake therapy due to the fact that he molested his daughters.

Exactly How Did Delbert Stayner Die?

In the time after Steven’s disappearance, Del dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts. After serving in the Army, Del worked at several sawmills and then moved to be employed in the canning industry. Del died at his home in Winton, California, on April 9, 2013.

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