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Diane O’Meara: Where is the Face of Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Now?

Netflix’s ‘Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist’ is the story of catfishing that turned around the career trajectory of an encouraging gamer. Manti Te’o was a committed and also spiritual young natural born player in the game of football. It looked like all the stars had actually straightened for him when he took place a touch of success that developed him as one of one of the most promising players of his time. While his abilities on the area had currently amassed him a great deal of followers, he conjured up deep appreciation from every person when it was revealed that he had suffered the loss of his girlfriend, whom he called the love of his life.

Regardless of this disaster, he remained to offer his finest in the game, as the pictures of his sweetheart were displayed on every media outlet, talking about Te’o’s awful however motivating story. It wasn’t up until much later that it was revealed that Te’o’s dead sweetheart never ever existed, and the picture was truly that of a woman called Diane O’Meara, who had actually been blissfully uninformed of the abuse of her images by an old classmate she barely recognized. After having seen the documentary, if you’re wondering what happened to Diane O’Meara, here’s what you ought to recognize.

Where is Diane O’Meara Today?

A local of Torrance, California, Diane O’Meara is a grad of California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She ‘d been functioning as an advertising exec in Los Angeles when she uncovered that her high school batchmate Naya Tuiasosopo had used her images to catfish football star Manti Te’o. While she stood for a couple of interviews in 2013 to clarify her stance on the issue, O’Meara has considering that avoided any kind of media appearances. It additionally looks like she has maintained her range from social media adhering to the identity theft by Naya Tuiasosopo.

In a meeting with CNN, Diane O’Meara said: “I was doing everything to secure myself. My Facebook was private. I was extremely careful concerning going through every timeline blog post and also changing all the setups, making certain I knew what post was there and who was seeing it. Plainly, that’s not sufficient nowadays.” It was also a “very strange, complicated and also twisted situation” for her due to the fact that she had actually never ever fulfilled Te’o, and yet here were her pictures around nationwide media outlets, claiming that she was his dead partner.

While refining her own circumstance, O’Meara also felt terrible for Te’o, whose profession met a big bump after this conflict was set loose. “I’m still trying to cover my head around this whole complicated circumstance myself. If Manti is really innocent in this entire situation, I empathize with him because I think we would certainly have the very same feelings– stress, anger, confusion,”she stated. It was also particularly discouraging for O’Meara to be caught up in this rumor due to the fact that she fretted that it could impact her personal relationships. “It’s difficult and it’s absolutely extremely shocking. I have a serious dedicated partnership, as well as to listen to that you’re the face of a different connection, it’s tough to see,” she said.

It is easy to understand why O’Meara currently picks to totally reduce off from social media due to the fact that, as she stated, it’s a “scary thing that we keep hearing concerning these cases of identity theft and no one’s doing anything about it. With this fiasco in the past as well as the turmoil she had to go through in the aftermath of the revelation, we hope O’Meara’s life has changed to its normality without any long-term impact on her specialist and also personal life.

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