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Did Andrei Castravet Get His Green Card, Did He Get Deported On a 90 day Fiance?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ is a show that follows the lives of US Citizens as well as their international companions after the latter comes over to the United States to get wed. While the show began as an authentic research of cross-border partnerships, its appeal soon gave as well as took off way to several other offshoots. ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ is one such spinoff that follows cross-border couples who have actually already celebrated a marriage. As the show documents just how each set placed their distinctions aside for a pleased wedded life, we reach witness their daily lives and also interpersonal relationships with their particular families. Full of romance, dramatization, and also a couple of surprising exposes, ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ is an exhilarating watch.

Andrei Castravet as well as Elizabeth Potthast are one such pair whose connection was recorded on ’90 Day Fiance.’ With the set now married, we get to follow them around on the spinoff show. Although every little thing seemed smooth between them at first, difficulty quickly crept up as Andrei might not get his permit, which kept him from trying to find work. This put a question mark on his future in the United States, and also followers wonder to understand if he got deported. Well, allow’s find out, shall we?

Did Andrei Castravet Get His Green Card?

After swiping right on each various other, the pair got acquainted over the internet before Elizabeth made a decision to fly to Dublin, where Andrei was working as a baby bouncer. Satisfying in person was a dream come real for both Elizabeth as well as Andrei, and also they soon realized they were indicated to be with each other.

The K-1 visa requires an international national to get married within 90 days or get deported, the couple went through a rough phase, and also at one point, it looked like their partnership was doomed. Naturally, the issues proceeded well after their initial marital relationship ceremony, however the birth of their infant lady, Elanor, in January 2019 helped the couple reconnect and get their minds in the best area.

Elizabeth and Andrei were fairly satisfied bringing Elanor up with each other, however problem quickly crept in as Andrei found it difficult to get his green card. Although the card should have shown up already, the immigration company kept postponing it, and Andrei thought that someone had actually reported him to the USCIS. Still, he stayed calm and also contacted a couple of migration lawyers, who managed to get him an interview at the immigration facility. While at the immigration facility, both Andrei as well as Elizabeth were grilled on their partnership, however a grab in the responses delayed the procedure. As soon as the authorities asked Elizabeth when she fulfilled Andrei for the very first time, the United States native obtained confused between the dates of their very first phone call and also first in person conference. For this reason, her solution turned out to be different from Andrei’s and also made points worse. Consequently, Andrei was rejected his long-term green card back then.

Andrei was in risk of getting deported after being denied his irreversible permit, but from the appearances of it, that hasn’t been the case. The Moldovan indigenous never clearly stated that he obtained a green card, his social media photos reveal him delighting in a happy life with Elizabeth and also their little girl in the United States. Remaining in the United States for so long confirms that Andrei did receive his green card, as well as he even commemorated the birth of his child, Winston Leo, in October 2022. It honestly is heartwarming to witness Andrei and also Elizabeth’s best life, and we wish them the best for the years to come.

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