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Did Jon Batiste Leave The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Where is Jon Batiste Now?

‘The Late Show’ is one of the most beloved late-night news and also talk shows in the nation. Since 2015, the show has been hosted by the humorous and amusing Stephen Colbert under the name of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’

One of one of the most widely known faces from the show is Jon Batiste, who offers his music skill as a part of the internal band. Since composing, Jon has won 5 Grammy honors together with a number of other awards. The musician is also understood for his banters with Stephen Colbert on the talk show. The discussions between both often include an added component to the home entertainment ratio. Because May of 2022, Jon’s visibility on the show has actually been limited, leading numerous to examine his area on the series. We have your back if you are in the same watercraft as well as are interested concerning Jon’s location as of composing!

Did Jon Batiste Leave The Late Show?

When ‘The Late Show’ transformed its speaker in 2015, it likewise introduced several new artists to the show’s lineup. Jon appeared on the recently relabelled ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ on September 8, 2015.

The band’s rendition of “Express Yourself” in 2014 on ‘The Colbert Report’ was a significant factor in Stephen championing the music group to be an integral part of his next endeavor. Jon and also atrioventricular bundle have executed with several renowned artists like Billy Joel, John Legend, as well as Nas during their job as the in-house musicians on the talk show. As the leader of his band, Jon had fairly a visibility in the series, usually made his very own quips bordering the show’s content, and also charmed the target market with songs.

Given the effect that the musician carried this series, his lack since May 2022 has actually been rather noticeable and has the followers asking yourself if Jon has left the show for good or if there is any other reason behind his lack. According to Stephen Colbert, Jon’s lack from ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ is momentary, as well as the musician is likely to be back on the show in September 2022. We have your back if you want to know what the musician has been up to in the meantime!

Where is Jon Batiste Now?

To recognize Jon’s lack from ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ one has to discover even more about the artist’s individual life. On April 3, 2022, Jon Batiste and also Suleika Jaouad disclosed that the two have been wed given that February 2022.

In 2011, Suleika was identified with a rare form of severe myeloid leukemia, and also it was mentioned that her survival possibilities were around 35%. After years of intense therapy, the writer recuperated and went on document her survival trip with her works, consisting of a narrative titled ‘Between Two Kingdoms.’ Nevertheless, in November 2021, Suleika learned that cancer cells had actually returned and also was more aggressive than previously. The news was unquestionably traumatic for the writer, but she bore up with the help of her partner, Jon Batiste.

The pair’s marital relationship took area just a day prior to Suleika was confessed to the health center for her bone marrow transplant. The two specified that this was a statement of their dedication with each other as well as a belief in a future that they will certainly share with each other. In late April 2022, the author was discharged from the healthcare facility. For that reason, Jon has most likely paused from his expert dedication to the show to spend time with his spouse as well as take care of her while she recuperates.

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