Disney Releases Original, Unedited Star Wars Trilogy Footage For The First Time

Disney Releases Original, Unedited Star Wars Trilogy Footage For The First Time

A brand-new trailer for the docudrama Light & Magic marks Disney’s very first release of original, unedited Star Wars video. Disney+ is currently the streaming home of everything related to Star Wars. However in spite of featuring hrs as well as hrs of Celebrity Wars web content, the streamer famously still does not offer the original trilogy in their pre-Special Version types.

The history of Star Wars the initial trilogy erasure certainly returns a very long means. Indeed George Lucas himself was the initial one to mess with the original movies when he launched his disruptive Special Edition versions back in the 1990s, featuring brand-new and often sidetracking aesthetic effects. Yet more than simply provide these altered variations of his Star Wars movies, Lucas sought to erase the unaltered originals from existence by making them commercially not available. Later on when Disney got Lucasfilm and Celebrity Wars in a historical deal, the hope was that the firm would see fit to lastly put out the non-Special Version versions of the original trilogy films whether Lucas likes it or not. However even with Disney+ currently trying to find as much Celebrity Wars web content as possible, the modified variations of the initial trilogy are all that fans can formally see. Indeed further alterations have been made by Disney to the Special Edition variations, taking Star Wars even farther from its roots.

Currently Disney has apparently made a tiny move back to the past by a minimum of acknowledging the presence of the non-Special Version versions of the Star Wars original trilogy. The moment comes at 1:06 of a new trailer for the Industrial Light and Magic documentary program Light & Magic, when a shot is included of the Death Celebrity taking off that significantly does not include the Special Edition digital results added by Lucas. See this little peek of Star Wars as it initially existed in the clip in the area below:

The program being teased by this trailer is a celebration of the history of ILM, the VFX house Lucas established particularly to make Star Wars. So it makes sense that some original unaltered Celebrity Wars video would certainly be taken out of mothballs as well as put on display screen here. What isn’t clear is whether this tiny acknowledgment of what Celebrity Wars utilized to be marks a brand-new desire by Disney to ultimately relent and also make the non-Special Version versions of the movies offered to fans.

Of course it’s been claimed over the years that it’s actually difficult to release tidy high-definition versions of the original unchanged Celebrity Wars trilogy since the negatives have in fact been ruined. Wiping the non-Special Version initial trilogy from presence would be a really Lucas thing to do, but there’s likewise factor to think that such destruction hasn’t really happened, and also there’s a Lucasfilm vault somewhere that does indeed have negatives of all three of the initial movies as they were before Lucas played. If these unchanged originals do exist, Disney would certainly appear to have all the reason worldwide to digitize them and make them offered on their streaming solution. It certainly would be a significant occasion for Celebrity Wars fans if the original trilogy from prior to Lucas’ 1990s reworking suddenly made its way out to the world. The truth that this hasn’t happened yet, beyond tiny glances like the one managed in the above trailer, would certainly have a tendency to suggest that the tale holds true and Lucas really did wipe the originals from existence outside of a couple of snippets. Yet fans can remain to hope.

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