Do Andi and also Emília Get Back Together in Rebelde

Do Andi and also Emília Get Back Together in Rebelde

In Netflix’s Mexican teenager program ‘Rebelde,’ Andrea Agosti AKA Andi treasures a capitivating togetherness with her senior Emília Alo even when Emília days Sebastián Langarica AKA Sebas. Upon realizing the gravity of Sebas’ adjustment and also viciousness, Emília leaves him, gets together with Andi, and exposes their connection to her fellow schoolmates by kissing her new partner on phase throughout The Battle of the Bands.

The 2nd period of the Spanish-language program begins with Emília and Andi establishing themselves as a strongly-bonded couple at EWS. Nevertheless, Emília’s attempts to conserve their relationship in the wake of a barrier wind up paving the way for her break up with Andi. So, do they come back together at the end of the student period? Let us offer the response! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Andi and also Emília Get Back Together?

When Andi joins EWS, Emília inspires her to participate in auditions as well as end up being a prominent drummer. Andi, that initially stops working to believe in herself, becomes a recognized artist with the support of Emília. Their relationship makes Andi a better person and also musician. In the 2nd season, she makes up a track and writes to confirm to herself that she is efficient what she is doing. Emília’s college graduation day obtains nearer. Given that she can not stay in Mexico after her college graduation without employment, she looks for to locate a work with the help of the renowned music manufacturer Gus Bauman, the new director of EWS’ MEP program.

Although Emília is an excellent singer, she falls short to produce something on her very own to present in front of Gus. Considering that the manufacturer only values original creations, Emília needs to utilize Andi’s tune as hers to excite him. Andi familiarizes regarding the very same and gets hurt. Andi conceives the particular track to confirm that she is an original artist. When she realizes that her girlfriend “stole” the very same, she implicates the latter of making her feeling unsatisfactory to be a great musician. Andi discloses to Gus that Emília took her tune, which results in the latter’s expulsion from the school. Infuriated, Emília does not provide Andi a chance to describe and also puts an end to their relationship.

Andi and Emília do not quit loving each other. Andi stops working to accept that Emília is not part of her life anymore, which leads her to drugs and also the overdose that virtually kills her. Even after the near-death experience, Andi forgives Emília as well as they satisfy also after the latter’s expulsion. They make it clear that they still enjoy each other. Still, they fail to get together since Emília requires to go back to Brazil. Rather than experiencing a splitting up after rejoining, Andi and Emília choose to not get back together.

Gus’ fatality might turn out to be helpful for Andi as well as Emília. Considering that Celina Ferrer returns to EWS as the new principal, she might assist Emília to find a method to stay back in Mexico so that she and Andi can get back together. As Luka ends up being a pupil once more, Celina can assign Emília as an office trainee at the college, which will certainly stand in the method of Emília’s return to Brazil. In the closing scenes, Emília is seen speaking to Celina, which raises the probability of Emília staying at EWS.

As Andi as well as Emília forgive each other, the only problem that avoids them from coming back together is the expiry of Emília’s visa. Considering that Celina or any of Andi’s prominent buddies can find a work for Emília, we might see them together in the potential third season of the show.

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