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Do Park Dong-ha and also Eun-ju Die in A Model Family?

It primarily complies with the Park household and also the tests as well as tribulations they encounter after attracting the interest of both the authorities and also criminals. As the collection progresses, Dong-ha’s desperate actions put the family in serious risk, which makes Eun-ju also much more resentful towards her hubby. If you are questioning whether Park Dong-ha as well as Eun-ju make it through at the end of ‘A Model Family’ season 1, we got you covered.

Does Park Dong-ha Die?

He has actually shed the money his family members has fastidiously saved for his boy’s heart transplant surgery by attempting to make certain the position as a full time teacher. One day, while returning house, Dong-ha comes across a van with two dead bodies and also a massive quantity of money inside. Dong-ha’s overall inexperience as a criminal leads him to make several blunders, bringing the authorities and also the offenders to his front doors.

Understanding the threat they are in, Yong-soo, the head of the Yongsoo Ring, instructs his relied on lieutenant Ma Kwang-chul to find the money. Kwang-chul originally desires to kill Dong-ha but later on decides versus it. He recognizes he will never ever get a far better medicine mule than Dong-ha: a family members male with an unwell kid.

As the collection advances, Kwang-chul establishes a grudging respect for the other man and guarantees his security which of his family members by taking on Sangseon Ring. Dong-ha makes a decision to give up to the police, but just as he heads toward the police station, he gets a phone call. An unknown guy informs him to maintain the phone safe if he wishes to make certain the well-being of his household, starting the circle of anguish and also risk again for the Parks.

Does Eun-ju Die?

No, Eun-ju doesn’t die either in the very first period of ‘A Model Family. At the start of the series, she deeply dislikes her partner, which emotion doesn’t specifically go away by the end of the season. We find out that she was having an event with Han-cheol, one of the dead men in the van and also a covert policeman. When she discovers what he did with the cash meant for their son, her bitterness towards Dong-ha just expands. Eun-ju also finds what Dong-ha has actually been providing for Kwang-chul and persuades the latter to let her accompany her other half as he mosts likely to leave the money. By the end of the episode, she comes to recognize that she as well as her partner have actually been used as bait. As the season ends, Eun-ju assumes her household is risk-free. She will soon learn that the troubles for her family members are far from over.

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