Doctor Strange Revealed How He’d Defeat Scarlet Witch 6 Years Ago

Doctor Strange Revealed How He'd Defeat Scarlet Witch 6 Years Ago

An information from Doctor Strange showed just how he was able to defeat Scarlet Witch 6 years later in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Regardless of Earth-616’s Doctor Strange only communicating with a version of the Darkhold for a short duration of time, its corruptive powers were validated to work rapidly, as Strange’s third eye is revealed throughout Doctor Strange 2’s shutting scenes.

The Darkhold itself is a foreboding tome packed with ominous necromancies, spells, and also dark wonderful info, leading audiences to appropriately quiz just for how long both the Scarlet Witch and also Doctor Strange needed to research it (and master its spells). Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hints that Wanda has slowly been poisoned by the Darkhold for quite time, yet it appears that Strange just held the Darkhold for a matter of hours while using it to carry out a specifically challenging dreamwalk – hardly enough time to find out all of its secrets. Nonetheless, a neglected detail from Doctor Strange holds the key to how he would inevitably beat Scarlet Witch

In Doctor Strange, it is specified that Strange had an eidetic (or photo) memory. Given the little time he had to see the publication’s pages, it would be fair to state that this would certainly have only been feasible since of his photo memory – straight contributing to Strange’s triumph in Doctor Strange 2.

A Photographic Memory Allowed Strange To Defeat Scarlet Witch.

Obviously, this was not the only use of Doctor Strange’s eidetic memory in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He also used it after gaining control of the other Doctor Strange’s duplicate of the Darkhold. Although time was short, he discovered to dreamwalk into the corpse of himself in his very own universe while remaining physically in one more world. Wanda Maximoff attained similar and also a lot more outstanding accomplishments from her exposure to The Darkhold yet additionally had even more time to read it. Author Michael Waldron as much in an interview with THR, where he said, “We’re not getting the day after that [Wandavision]; that’s for certain. It’s certainly long sufficient to actually get its hooks into her.” This way, only Strange’s eidetic memory enabled him to memorize the Darkhold and also guide of Vishanti’s web pages at a glance – granting him an unique advantage against his adversary.

The last scene of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where Doctor Strange’s third eye appeared, certainly backs this theory up. Despite all duplicates of the Darkhold being destroyed, Doctor Strange’s eidetic memory might well have actually meant that the book’s power withstood in his mind, which is most likely to signify difficulty for Doctor Strange as well as the rest of the MCU as the remainder of Phase 4 unfolds.

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