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Does Keyshawn aka Miss Mississippi Die on P-Valley

The 2nd period of Starz’s dramatization collection ‘P-Valley’ follows Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi’s efforts to fix her partnership with Derrick. She tries her ideal to make him safeguard as well as comfy in the connection while constructing a career of her own by touring with Lil Murda. As a performer, she becomes a phenomenon but her lack in your home leads the way for serious repercussions. Derrick’s activities even wind up threatening Keyshawn’s life, compeling her to think about leaving Chucalissa with her kids. In the second season ending, Keyshawn tries her ideal to do the exact same yet fails. So, does that mean she may die? Let us share our thoughts pertaining to the very same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Keyshawn Die?

No, Keyshawn does not die, a minimum of in the meantime. After completing her component in the Dirty Dozen tour, Keyshawn returns residence and also learns that Derrick has been hurting their youngsters. She recognizes that leaving her abusive boyfriend is an outright requirement, particularly because her children are enduring his atrocities also. After familiarizing regarding her son’s injury, inflicted by Derrick, she confronts and informs him that she is leaving him. Derrick, nevertheless, takes his girlfriend’s words terribly as he endangers to harm her. Keyshawn ends up putting her life on the line simply by being with Derrick.

In the 2nd season ending, Keyshawn attempts to flee from Derrick to conserve her as well as their youngsters’ lives. Derrick comes to know about the very same and quits it by developing a story that she is violent towards their children. The kid defense agency gets entailed as well as asks Keyshawn to report to them for six months, placing an end to her desire to leave Chucalissa. She doesn’t have an alternative apart from staying with Derrick, a minimum of for 6 months, her life under threat. Still, Derrick might not eliminate her right away. Instead of seeing her dead, Derrick wants her to be with him, even if she remains in a cage.

If the 3rd season of the show gets greenlit, we may see Derrick compeling Keyshawn to stay in Chucalissa, under his watch. Since government officials are associated with her life, she may not be able to flee from the city as she wants. If she does not conform with what he desires as well, Derrick may continue to injure her. If he realizes that there isn’t any type of way Keyshawn can be a component of his life, he might take into consideration eliminating her only. He might assume that she shouldn’t be with any individual if he can not have her in his life. Such an idea might spark his viciousness, influencing him to possibly kill her.

Keyshawn can save her and also her children’ lives if she acts before Derrick comes to such an understanding. In the 2nd period finale, she calls Diamond to eliminate Derrick.

She might require to kill him herself to save her life if no one comes onward to help Keyshawn to eliminate Derrick. Considering that Hailey’s gun is still with her, it may happen. Derrick’s activities to catch her in Chucalissa may activate her to eliminate him herself for the sake of her life as well as future.

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