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Does Natalia Get Nico Back in Holy Family, Will Julia Kill Natalia

Originally labelled ‘Sagrada Familia,’ Netflix’s Spanish collection ‘Holy Family’ focuses on Julia, who assisted her child Santi and his other half Natalia by ending up being the surrogate mother of their boy Nico. When Santi died unexpectedly, Natalia made a decision to leave for her home country Argentina with Nico, only for Julia to snatch the youngster. She, after thinking the phony identification of Gloria, develops a new life with Nico, her daughter Mariana, as well as her boy Eduardo, who becomes Hugo, Aitana, and Abel respectively. Although Gloria fabricates her and also her family’s deaths, Natalia as well as her dad Fernando attempt their best to discover Nico. Do their initiatives pave the way for the get-together of Natalia as well as Nico? Let’s find out!

Does Natalia Get Nico Back in Holy Family?

After seeing Mariana in a publication image, Natalia arrives in Madrid to find out the truth behind Gloria as well as her family’s deaths. After showing up in the Spanish capital, she comes to recognize that Nico is active. As Julia’s daughter, Mariana has actually constantly stood by her mother’s side, also if it meant compromising her very own life for it.

For Julia to be with Nico, Mariana had to forsake her dream of understanding as well as going to a conservatory piano. She ends up researching movie to make sure that no one will trace her back to her actual identification to expose Julia’s systems. Mariana gets forbidden from also making buddies when Julia invests her time with Blanca and Alicia. These factors and also activities inspire her to check out the harmful connection in between her mom and Nico. Quickly, she understands that Julia is attempting to replace Santi, Julia’s eldest son as well as her elder brother, with Nico.

Mariana realizes that Natalia, the actual mommy of Nico, does not be worthy of to compromise her son even if Julia is unable to proceed from Santi’s fatality. After every little thing she as well as Eduardo needed to withstand, Mariana doesn’t desire any other individual to discard a significant part of their life for Julia to inform herself that her dead boy is with them with his kid. These understandings lead Mariana to take Nico to Natalia, nearly leading the way for the mother and child’s reunion. Before Natalia could take her boy from Mariana, Julia stabs her little girl and also takes Nico from her.

Given that Natalia is along with Julia, Nico, Mariana, and also Eduardo, she may still be able to rejoin with her son, specifically if Julia realizes the gravity of her errors. If she recognizes that she is attempting to change Santi with Nico, adversely influencing Mariana and also Eduardo’s lives at the same time, she might take into consideration providing up Nico to his real mommy.

Will Julia Kill Natalia?

When Eduardo witnesses Germán’s attempt to kill Caterina, he understands that the circumstance he as well as his family is part of is going out of control. He guides his family to their van, holds Natalia at gunpoint to join them, and repels. Natalia’s fate relies on what Julia will do after potentially leaving from their community. Julia’s fascination to be with Nico will just consider Natalia as a threat to their togetherness, making her a possible murderer. Julia most likely will not be reluctant to kill her if Natalia’s death is unpreventable for her to be with Nico.

Nevertheless, the consequences of Natalia’s possible death will be too much for Julia to take care of as well as she might recognize the same. If she eliminates Natalia, she will come to be a killer on the run, which will make her strategies to construct a new life in Canada almost difficult. If she kills Natalia, she might know that the authorities will hunt her down. Julia took care of to start a new phase of her life as Gloria just since the police closed the instance of her phony fatality and also she will not get such an opportunity to construct an additional life once again if she kills Natalia unless she handles to do it without leaving a trace.

For Julia to kill Natalia without leaving any kind of trace of the same, she requires assistance. After obtaining stabbed, Mariana is the last individual who will help her. Mariana has realized how fatal her mom’s fascination to be with Nico is and also after her boyfriend Marcos’ death, it is incredibly not likely that she would intend to be a part of another innocent person’s fatality. Upon seeing Julia stabbing Mariana, Eduardo might not intend to help his mommy either, leaving Julia without any one to aid her. Therefore, Julia may choose versus eliminating Natalia as well as strategy to run away with Nico, abandoning Mariana and Eduardo, that probably will not sustain her by any means any longer.

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