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Dope Ending and Explained: What Happens to the Drugs, Does Malcolm Get Into Harvard

Starring Shameik Moore as Malcolm Adekanbi, Tony Revolori as Jib, and also Kiersey Clemons as Diggy, this motion picture is created by Forest Whitaker as well as Nina Yang Bongiovi. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015, this movie amassed whole lots of recognition for its exact representation of life in a rough community as well as for touching on numerous complicated themes, consisting of the deep-rooted medicine issue. Opening with the three definitions of the term dope- an illegal medication, a stupid individual, and also the vernacular term for incredible, ‘Dope’ incorporates all of the above!

Dope Plot Summary

Set in Inglewood, California, in an area called The Bottoms, ‘Dope’ follows the story of Malcolm, a very smart black high school child, and also his buddies Jib and also Diggy. They are all consumed with the ’90s hip-hop music, delight in skating and also have a punk band of their very own. Even though Malcolm and his buddies carefully survive in a crime-high area every day, that doesn’t stop them from dreaming large. And also Malcolm desires participate in Harvard University. After a possibility invite to a drug dealer Dom’s birthday party, one point brings about another, and also the following day he finds a considerable amount of drugs in his bag that was put by Dom. After receiving a phone call from an unidentified customer who threatens Malcolm to turn them over, they make a decision to get rid of it as well as provide it to the caller. Prior to Malcolm can hand off the drugs, Dom calls from jail, cautioning him not to transform them over and offers him guidelines to take it to someone called AJ.


After reaching AJ’s address, Malcolm and also his pals are welcomed by AJ’s boy and also daughter, however as their father is away they end up socializing with each other as well as making music. Later on Malcolm has to leave for his interview with Harvard graduates immediately, however after satisfying him, a shocking discovery leaves Malcolm in shock as he is now forced to do something versus his precepts to protect admission at Harvard.

Malcolm and his nerd pals generate a brand-new plan to sell the drugs with little to no risk to themselves and call their hacker-druggie pal, Wil Sherwood for help. On paper, their plan seems full proof, but this can either fix all their troubles or land them behind bars, or even worse, obtain them caught in an unsightly scenario where they wind up dead. A relatively straightforward birthday celebration transformed the lives of three innocent nerds inverted and currently they need to overcome challenges stay alive as well as have a possibility to go to college.

Dope Ending: How Does Malcolm End up With The Drugs?

Eventually, heading residence from school Malcolm and also his buddies are required to take an unusual course where the drug dealers hang out. At the very junction, Malcolm is fetched by the neighborhood drug dealer Dom, that asks him to convince Nakia to find to his birthday celebration event. After Nakia agrees to participate in the event, given he would also, Malcolm as well as his buddies choose to go. As the rival gang members break into Dom’s event with their guns blazing, everyone begins running, as well as there is panic at the club. In this turmoil, Dom ducks under bench table to take cover, where he discovers Malcolm’s bag. He orders the bag, puts the drugs in it, as well as gives it to Malcolm, asking him to leave immediately.


The following day at school, when Malcolm walks through the steel detector that goes off, he looks into his bag and is stunned to locate a substantial amount of ‘molly’ with a weapon in it. He worries, and they all rush to the band area. He recognizes that Dom was the one that placed drugs in his bag during the shootout, and now he is doomed. Instantly a phone begins sounding from inside his bag, as well as an unknown caller demands that Malcolm turn over all the drugs to him later on that day.

Yet Malcolm couldn’t do away with it as Dom called right before he was heading to hand the bag to the customer, cautioning him that this could all be a catch. The caller could be a cop or a snitch, and in either case, their lives are in threat. He instructs Malcolm to take the bag to an individual named AJ and also provided him the address. The three geeks, hopeless to do away with the drugs, go to AJ’s home.

Who is AJ? Why Did The Interview Leave a Huge Impact on Malcolm?

Malcolm, Jib, as well as Diggy arrive at the significant estate, where they are welcomed by AJ’s child as well as daughter, Jaleel and Lily. As regrettable conditions unravel, Jib and Diggy finish up escaping the burger area where the caller followed them into, while Malcolm is tricked by Lily to swipe some drugs, as well as best after that, he gets a telephone call for his interview with Harvard graduates.


Lily offers to drive Malcolm to the interview, however high up on drugs, she drives carelessly, loses consciousness at the stop sign, and afterwards hurries across the roadway to pee in the bushes. Malcolm has no other option than to drive himself to the office. As he goes into the space, he spots pictures of Dom, Jalee, and also Lily in the office. Harvard alumni Austin Jacoby welcomes Malcolm, as well as quickly he realizes that Jacoby is AJ, the individual that Dom had advised to provide the bag to.

If he about Dom as well as informs him about the bag of drugs that he was supposed to bring to him, Malcolm asks Jacoby. Using Amazon as an example, Jacoby discusses the ‘domino effect’ as well as the repercussions that would certainly affect his track record as a vendor. He does not want the messed up shipment, he wants the cash. He implicitly states, “If you’re able to do this, it reveals me more regarding you than any kind of meeting ever could. As well as I would then make it my organization to make you a guy of Harvard.”


Malcolm can not think his eyes, he was surprised to see just how a Harvard graduate was, as a matter of fact, one of the factors for the deep-rooted medication concerns in Inglewood. He desired attend Harvard not only to research however additionally to leave The Bottoms as well as the community. But conference AJ, he realized that regardless of exactly how far you go from ‘The Bottoms,’ ‘The Bottoms’ doesn’t go away from you. Specifically if people like AJ, who have actually reached a setting in life where they can select to walk away, do not walk away however instead remain to take as well as play the game advantage of people determined to endure, innocent individuals will remain to get caught in medication dealing. Malcolm’s meeting with AJ left a substantial effect on him as well as made him concern if it was ever before feasible to leave this circumstance.

Just How Did Malcolm Get Rid of The Drugs?

Despite AJ’s dangers, Malcolm wasn’t frightened. He and his good friends did what they do best and used their geek capabilities to come up with a plan. Malcolm thinks of the idea to use bitcoin to market all the drugs online. To perform this strategy, they call their hacker-druggie buddy, Wil Sherwood, that helps them establish the store online via Bitcoin deals and go untraceable to make sure that none of this might point back to Malcolm.


They obtain imaginative as well as decide to utilize the science laboratory to pack drugs, utilize the computer system laboratory to make online transitions, as well as take all the materials from their band room for packaging and delivery. As Malcolm claims, “Nobody is going to believe a point.

What Happened That Lead Malcolm to Aim The Gun?

After selling all the drugs, all Malcolm required to do is move bitcoin to cash. Wil tells them that the only surefire secure means is through the black market. He sends Malcolm, Jib, as well as Diggy to a person name Fidel who operates in the garment industry. But before transforming the bitcoins to money, Fidel takes an examination. He brings out 2 alligator bags and also asks them to pick the actual one. The objective of the test was to educate the three teenagers a beneficial lesson. He describes that the only difference in between both bags is the person offering them. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not; as long as you think that it’s real, individuals will believe that it’s actual. The flip slide to this is that if you do not believe that it’s real, it doesn’t matter that the brand name is stitched into it; individuals will think it’s phony. He informs Malcolm, “Only you recognize the fact,” as well as to evaluate if Malcolm relies on his fact, Fidel asks Malcolm to strike him as tough as he can on his face on the matter of 5. Although trembling in worry, stressed over the ‘domino effect’ and also repercussions, Malcolm goes for it. He understands what’s at risk and just how crucial it is for him to make obtain the cash money.


Getting out of the building with a bag of cash money, Malcolm emerges as an altered man. He begins to understand how important it is to rely on his reality due to the fact that, in a neighborhood like The Bottoms, no matter who you are, it matters not if you are innocent or otherwise, anything might take place anytime, and any individual can get entangled up in large issue. The only thing that would make a distinction and also perhaps even boost the possibilities of survival is if you rely on your truth and do what’s essential to step up to the circumstances.


As they all stroll across the road, their secondary school harasses instantly chase them from behind, beat them to the ground, and seize the bag from Malcolm. As he walks away with the bag, Malcolm instantly stands up and also aims a weapon at him, telling him to go down the bag or he would certainly shoot. This minute in the motion picture marks a huge adjustment in Malcolm. It represents Malcolm’s capacity to make use of a different strategy to deal with the trouble by adapting to the circumstances and stepping up to keep an eye out for his best interest. Sadly, this is the reality of the situation. Asking the bully to provide him the bag wouldn’t establish the weight of the circumstance for him as well as the relevance of the bag. Malcolm would certainly shed not just the money however the possibility of getting out of The Bottoms, he would certainly shed every little thing he has functioned so hard for. Malcolm needed to point the weapon as well as come to be the bully, to convey that he indicated what he said and also he wanted his bag. As the bully’s eyes change, he sees Malcolm as one of them as well as provides him his bag.

What Does Malcolm do to Get Out of The Bottoms, Inglewood?

Getting into Harvard would certainly, in many ways, mean escaping a terrible atmosphere for Malcolm. He goes to AJ’s office with a bag filled with money that makes up to 10% of the complete quantity. Malcolm, a secondary school teenager, might in no chance have the ability to sell such a huge amount of drugs in a week’s time without getting captured by the police or getting dragged deep right into the globe of medicine dealing. Being effectively knowledgeable about the dangers, AJ, the Harvard alumni, placed Malcolm’s life at risk to safeguard his track record as a drug seller. Malcolm had currently arranged it out. He recognized that although bringing the money would possibly assure his admission at Harvard, it would not guarantee that AJ would let him shed and also really did not use this against him in the future.


The three nerds set up the online store in Austin Jacoby’s name, and also Wil used his hacking skills to collect Jacoby’s banking information. They connected the store to his bank account, and practically Jacoby is the proprietor of the online store that markets drugs. As Malcolm describes this to Jacoby, he lets him understand that the rest of the money in bitcoin is in his exchange shop. He can transfer it to his checking account as well as there is an extremely small chance that the DEA or FBI can map it back to his account, which might only occur if you are careless while establishing the bitcoin exchange account unless done intentionally. Malcolm cautions Jacoby that going to the authorities would only set off a chain of events that would certainly damage him, which is not what a Harvard man would do. It is in both their passion that he made sure that Malcolm came to be a male of Harvard.

Though AJ was out of ‘The Bottoms,’ ‘The Bottoms’ had not been out of him. On the within, this Harvard graduates was still a drug dealer from The Bottoms. Much like Fidel stated, this is the reality AJ chose to think, and so people saw him as a dope dealer, not a Harvard guy that runs a check paying as well as cash advance financing business.

Does Malcolm Get Into Harvard?

All Malcolm needed to do to get into Harvard was obtain directly A’s, good SAT scores, recommendations, clear the alumni meeting, as well as create the best personal declaration. The only point left was to write the individual declaration, and Malcolm composed the most real and authentic personal statement. The statement summarize the whole movie.


Malcolm breaks the 4th wall as he straight checks out the video camera as well as narrates his personal declaration. He talks beginnings by presenting 2 pupils. One is a right A student, a geek that plays in a punk band with his close friends as well as enjoys the ’90s hip jump, while the other mosts likely to an underfunded school, copes with his single mommy, does not know his papa and also offers dope. As he asks, “Am I a nerd or a threat?” to reveal how all his life, he has actually regarded himself in between classifications, just currently to recognize that maybe this isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing in camouflage.


He realizes that maybe it’s a good thing not to fit in. Malcolm understands to embrace how his circumstances and environment have shaped him and taught him lessons, for better or worse. Towards the end of the statement, as he asks, “So why do I want to attend Harvard?

At the end of the flick, as Malcolm locates an envelope from Harvard on his bed, he reads it as well as smiles at the electronic camera. We can positively say that Malcolm did get into Harvard if we follow this clue.

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