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Dr Anna Pou: Where is Ex-Memorial Doctor Now?

Apple television+’s medical dramatization ‘Five Days at Memorial’ centers around the people that get stuck in Memorial Medical Center and also LifeCare Hospitals, 2 medical facilities that operate in the same New Orleans building, throughout Hurricane Katrina and the succeeding flood. Along with several other physicians, Dr. Anna Pou takes care of the patients in the medical facilities and leads evacuation treatments.

The doctor also obtains declared to have actually carried out lethal dosages of morphine and/or other medicines to numerous people whose dead bodies get found numerous days after the evacuation of the health center building. Considering that Anna is just one of the central characters of the narrative, the audiences need to be asking yourself whether she is based on an actual doctor. Let us answer the same!

Is Dr. Anna Pou Based on a Real Memorial Doctor?

Yes, Dr. Anna Pou is based on an actual Memorial doctor. Pou was among the physicians who worked at the Memorial Medical Center during the 5 days the health center building was isolated because of flooding in 2005. She likewise treated patients in LifeCare during the period. After the exploration of 45 dead bodies at Memorial a number of days after the discharge, postmortem examinations were performed, as well as morphine was found in 9 corps of LifeCare clients.

Virtually after a year, in July 2006, Anna Pou, in addition to 2 registered nurses, was detained as well as charged with second-degree murder in connection with the fatality of four of the 9 patients. In a 2007 meeting with Newsweek, Pou at some point revealed that she carried out morphine to 9 patients with the expertise that the medicine may quicken their deaths. “The objective was to aid the patients that were having pain as well as calm the people who feared. That was it,” she stated in the meeting, including that she didn’t mean to eliminate the patients.

During the time, Pou additionally dismissed the accusations that she euthanized the clients. I don’t think that it’s any individual’s decision to make when a client dies. In March 2007, a state grand jury was vowed in to think about Pou’s case.

The indictment reportedly comprised one count of second-degree murder of Emmett Everett and 9 matters of the minimal conspiracy theory to commit second-degree murder of each of the nine individuals that died in LifeCare Hospitals against Pou and also provided in front of the court. On July 24, 2007, the grand jury decided to not arraign the doctor on any of the aforementioned matters. The court’s decision followed Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard’s classification of the source of the fatality of the individuals, according to records, as “undetermined” instead of murder.

Where is Dr. Anna Pou Now?

Dr. Anna Pou is currently practicing as a doctor concentrating on head and neck surgical oncology in a cancer facility located in the city of Covington in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. After the court had decreased to prosecute Pou, bills against her got expunged. Regarding getting the news concerning the very same, Pou claimed in a press conference that she was “at home with my spouse and also I fell to my knees as well as given thanks to God.”

In 2009, a resolution was passed in which the State of Louisiana consented to pay Pou’s lawful fees of over $450,000 after the jury’s choice to not indict the doctor. In the years that followed, Pou played an indispensable component in passing and also composing three regulations in Louisiana that offer resistance to health care professionals from most civil legal actions, other than situations of unyielding misconduct, for their operate in future disasters that vary from cyclones to pandemic flu.

Pou has additionally become a recognized audio speaker in the clinical field, plainly talking about the duty of doctor during catastrophes and ethical considerations of doctors throughout calamities amongst much more topics. In 2021, Pou obtained a presidential citation from The American Head as well as Neck Society. Understandably, Dr. Anna Pou has actually selected to maintain her individual life private, committing her social networks accounts to sharing fundraising events she counts on.

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