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Dr. Stone Chapter 207 Delayed: When is it Coming Now?

Dr. Stone Chapter 207 will return on Sunday after getting delayed. The look at the recent chapters and life of the scientist here. The mission to the moon is still on the line, with Senku and Dr. Xeno cooperating for the second time in their life. The two made promised that they will resolve their issues on the moon. The Science Kingdom crew set off to revive their friends. The guys stuck in statues are still alive, but they can’t move. One of them realizes that Senku and the rest are coming to revive them. The state realizes that they stayed for too long since no one was alive to come and rescue them.

The chapter is about the Dawn of the Computer. The guys inside the statues are confident that Senku is on his way since eight years of waiting have passed. The Science Kingdom crew arrived at the destination and began to reincarnate their friends. The team is shocked to discover that Senku and Dr. Xeno have allied. They can’t believe that they will be traveling and working with the enemy who almost exterminates all of them. Lana reminds the crew that it is all about the trip to the moon.

Joe realizes that his Bro is not around, and he wanted to do some Bromance by drinking with Kaseki. Taiju told Joe that Kaseki is in India with Senku’s Team. They both wonder what Kaseki and Senku are crafting in India. Ukyo reveals that if he tells them, they will die out of surprise. Meanwhile, in India, Senku told the group that they are crafting computers, and they both get excited. Gen wonders if they have reached a significant milestone with the ”Kingdom of Science” latest unimaginable crafting project.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 206 Updates

On top of the building, the flag of the Science Kingdom is flying sideways, and Sai enjoy eating the food made out of Senku’s science. Ryusui reminds Sai about the burning desire that he have for a computer. Sai nods his head and realizes that it is challenging to craft a computer in this era and wonders how they will do it. Gen wonders what Senku is panning this time since the computer is not an easy task. Senku makes an example of switching on and off like lights and said how the computer is, and it is a ”world of ones and zeroes.”

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Senku comments that the world will help them make a computer. He reveals how they will start with the new project, and Suika is glad that Senku gave the flags of answers to the girls. The boys are holding white flags with numbers. The red flags have answers, and the girls are carrying them. The team begins with the experiment and take everything into considering and record inside the book.  Ryusui said they are doing fundamental principles behind computing.

Sai thinks it is of no use since electronics are not involved, and they are far from a decade from the semiconductors. It is impossible to make a computer without semiconductors. Senku told Sai how they would work on the computer while Sasaki is crafting something amazing. They both work together, and the girl’s team believes that it is easy to do science. They acquired Adder Circuit, and Senku announces Sai as the team leader of the project. Sai decided to produce a parametron Supercomputer. Senku suggests two hundred thousand revivals, and Yuzihara accepts it.

Dr. Stone Chapter 207 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 207 will be released on 22 August 2021. The manga will return on its Sunday releases, but Dr. Stone’s manga will sometimes delay the upcoming chapter due to interruptions and weekly breaks. The latest updates of the manga will get released every week, even if the manga is delayed for taking a weekly break. You can look below.

Where To Read Dr. Stone Chapter 207?

You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 207 online on Viz. Dr. Stone manga will release official releases on Sunday. Note Dr. Stone Chapter 207 manga was on weekly break since the manga got delayed. Read Dr. Stone’s last recent three chapters online on VIZ for free.

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