Dragon Ball: Best 10 Gohan Looks, Ranked

Dragon Ball Best 10 Gohan Looks, Ranked

Goku as well as Vegeta might obtain all the Saiyan splendor, acknowledged by diehard fans and also people who have actually never seen a single episode of Dragon Ball alike, but Gohan has just as much to offer as his daddy when it pertains to both combating and also fashion.

Just like Dragon Ballfans have had the pleasure of enjoying Goku throughout his whole life, followers have been able to watch Gohan go from swaddled baby to battle-scarred warrior. He’s had plenty of one-of-a-kind look into the years, but below are his very best.

Safari Outfit

Most fans might not think highly of Tree of Might when compared to some much better movies in the franchise, however the movie contends the very least one redeeming feature: youngster Gohan’s safari outfit. Packing a youngster in a grey explorer’s uniform, total with an extremely large knapsack, may not feel like a dish for style achievement, but Gohan pulls it off.

Yes, the look pulls on every kawaii anime trope it needs to in order to function, but work it does, revealing a more playful variation of Gohan than is seen in the personality’s later years.

Buu Saga

Taking a quick eye any kind of image of Gohan from the Buu Saga, it’s easy to blunder him for his papa: from his Gi to his hair to his physique, Gohan has matured into exactly the kind of fighter that his Goku is. Somehow, Gohan’s look throughout the Buu Saga is his most expected.

There’s absolutely nothing unusual or fancy to separate it from his look in comparable Gi’s, or perhaps from his little bro Goten. That’s not always a poor thing, nevertheless, as it functions as a touchstone for his various other outfit.

Cell Saga

Gohan’s look during the Cell Saga is among his fiercest. His all-purple Gi is clearly motivated by his look during the Saiyan Saga, but it has a lot more fully grown design overall. It’s also nice that both his father’s and Piccolo’s influence as educators appear in the attire, with Gohan going so far regarding include Piccolo’s cape.

The Cell Saga also happens to include Gohan reaching Super Saiyan 2, as well as in between his crackling mood, grim expression, and also straightforward clothes, the Saiyan has actually seldom looked so hazardous.


It’s always interesting seeing exactly how Saiyans search in human clothes, as well as it’s risk-free to claim that day-to-day garments come even more naturally to some characters than others. Unlike Vegeta, who commonly seems uncomfortable in anything yet armor, Gohan makes a variety of comfy outfits work.

His eco-friendly tracksuit is an ideal example of this. It’s laid-back as well as comfortable, but with its streamlined lines and also dual coloration, it’s very easy to see mirrors of the combating Gi’s that both he and his father grew up with. In all, the tracksuit is a wonderful middle-ground for Gohan aesthetically.

Father Gohan

Goku isn’t the only member of his family that gets to experience the low and high of parenthood throughout the collection. His boy Gohan reaches share that experience, coming to be a father and also finding out what being in an adult connection is really like.

Something regarding a match and also bowtie simply enhances Gohan’s glasses, making him seem every bitter the wonderful husband that he is. He might not share every one of his father’s sartorial sensibilities, however Gohan certainly shares Goku’s sense of duty for as well as commitment to his liked ones.

Namek Saga

Gohan’s look throughout the Namek Saga is a little bit of a variety. On one hand, it’s quickly among his most renowned, which isn’t shocking given that it’s additionally among his earliest. This is Gohan before he’s identified himself as a warrior of the same caliber as his father, nevertheless.

The basic blue fit with a clerical is strong, however his dish cut is instead disruptive. Some fans dislike it, while others seem like it’s fitting and also talks to his boylike nature. Gohan is capable of excellent fearlessness in protection of his enjoyed ones yet not obtaining a decent hairstyle, evidently.

High School

Gohan’s high school look integrates numerous features existing in most of his best looks: a sleek kind similar to his Gi, high comparison shades, and also a smattering of visual interest without being too distracting. It’s not specifically an attire one would certainly anticipate to see from a regular high schooler, however a regular high schooler Gohan is not.

For a half-alien local of earth, Gohan’s concept of a high school attire feels. It also really feels distinct from the remainder of his outfits throughout the series, taking an unique aesthetic room of its very own.

Raditz Fight

Young Gohan put on a variety of unforgettable outfits, yet none are better than the brightly tinted ensemble he put on throughout the fight versus Raditz. Its typical forms as well as eye-popping colors would certainly be enough in themselves to make the Raditz fight outfit among Gohan’s best, but it does not finish there.

Gohan puts on a real Dragon Ball as a topper for his hat, which is so excessive, unforgettable, and also ridiculous that it boosts the entire outfit as a result. Bring a wish-granting ball around on one’s skull is next-level cool.

Future Gohan

Lots of points are different in the timeline where Future Trunks hails, and among those is Gohan’s appearance. Things haven’t been easy on Gohan in the future, and he births an imposing mark throughout his left cheek thanks to his fight versus the Androids.

Much more shockingly, Future Gohan is missing his left arm. From his marked attributes to the way his empty sleeve flaps at his side, Future Gohan is an extraordinary, haunting take a look at a future that may be, and it easily ranks amongst Gohan’s best looks of all time.

Great Saiyaman

A dew dustcloth, sunglasses, chunky belt, green shirt, and helmet motivated by Kamen Rider– these basic components incorporate to make Gohan’s biggest look in Dragon Ball. Great Saiyaman is more than just an unusual alter ego, it’s the method Gohan images superheroes, despite maturing with a daddy who can actually fly, shoot energy beam of lights, as well as punch through mountains.

Not only is the Great Saiyaman memorable as a look, yet it’s also informing of so much about Gohan’s individuality: from his inherent feeling of goodness and justice to his teenage awkwardness.

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