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Dragon Ball Super: Fans believe Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy are in the manga

In late 2022, the Dragon Ball Super manga returned with the new Super Hero arc , starring Goten and Trunks. The next chapters of the work bring the daily lives of the young Saiyan hybrids who decided to follow in Gohan’s footsteps when he was the same age. Now, the duo embodies the superheroes Saiyaman X1 and Saiyaman X2, the new defenders of justice in the Northern Capital.

Warning: Contains possible spoilers for chapters 88 and 89

The so-called “Superhero Arc” works as a “prequel” to the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Goten and Trunks end chapter 88 by briefly solving a problem with zombies spawned by Doctor Hedo, responsible for most of the film’s problems. The story also focuses on Trunks and Goten’s school life at “Blue Hal High School”;

In addition to the new designs of the protagonists of the arc, they bring a look that resembles not only the Great Saiyaman, but several characters from the universe of superheroes. Apparently, mangaka Toyotaro wasn’t limited to just the uniforms of Goten and Trunks in the tributes. Readers found some similarities with two important Marvel characters.

Pointed out by fans, two of the five new characters introduced by Toyotaro stand out: Chok and Fayra. Both have some visual similarities similar to two characters from the Spider-Man universe: Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Being more specific, the versions present in Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse.

Soon, we realize that Chock’s look is incredibly similar to Miles Morales, while Fayra has hair and looks similar to Gwen Stacy. This did not go unnoticed by fans, who pointed out the many similarities between the two character duos.

For now, Toyotaro has not confirmed any open homage regarding the creation of both characters. Despite the striking similarities, it is likely that Chock and Fayra do not have as much prominence in the series, being just simple supporting characters. One thinks!

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