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Dream Ending: Dave Bautista Not Destined to Play Bane in the DCEU

The actor doubts that he will cope with the physical preparation for the role. Over the years, Dave Bautista has repeatedly expressed his willingness to take on the role of Bane in the DC Extended Universe. In addition, the actor even talked about this with the leadership of the Warner Bros. studio. As you know, he failed to realize the idea, however, after his close friend James Gunn took over as head of DC Studios , many fans began to suspect that Batista’s dream could well be realized.

Now the artist thinks in a completely different way. After talking with Gunn, the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s confidence in his abilities has noticeably decreased – due to age, the actor now doubts that he is an ideal candidate for the role of Bane:

“I spoke with James about this. From what I understand, he’s leaning towards a complete reboot of the DCEU. He does everything from scratch, and I think this is the most correct approach. I think for the revival of the DCEU, you need to start from the very beginning and with young actors. After all, you need to plan 15 years ahead, and at my age this is hardly possible. I am well aware of this. I must say that I appreciate this approach, because I would not want to play a character that I could not do justice to.

At this stage of my career, I would hardly be able to adequately embody Bane. The fact is that I’m not sure that I can fully cope with the physical component of the role, while counting the forces for several years ahead. Therefore, I no longer have confidence that I am suitable.

Earlier it was repeatedly said that before the end of this month, Gann and his colleague Peter Safran will announce the first projects from their ambitious multi-year plan for the development of DCU.

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