Dream Home Makeover Season 2: Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

Dream Home Makeover Season 2: Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

Based in Utah, the McGees have their own service called Studio McGee that provides to their patrons’ specifications and also gives them with spectacular homes. Each episode takes the visitors through a single residence taken up by the renovators and also lets the target market know even more about the house owners and also their wishes.

Where are Travis as well as LaRee Hansen Now?

The 2nd season of ‘Dream Home Makeover’ kicked off with Travis and also LaRee Hansen. Married for greater than 20 years, the Hansens took a trip across the world as a part of their job. Nonetheless, they ultimately decided to calm down in Mapleton, Utah, with their five kids. The McGee children are Ryder, Mason, Zack, Gwen, as well as Halle, with the last being embraced. Travis and also LaRee asked the McGees to supply a total inside task and also wanted to make their desire residence a fact.

As numerous could recognize, Travis used to be a specialist basketball gamer and also became part of teams like the Atlanta Hawks as well as Real Madrid. In 2011, Travis relinquished the sport and also concentrated on Sunshine Heroes Foundation that he and his partner had developed in 2007 under the name Little Heroes Foundation. As of creating, he holds the position of Founder and also CEO at Eddy. A SaaS, a software application company. The delighted Hansen family members is active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Hansen boys are additionally energetic basketball players, with Mason just recently playing a game in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where are Omar Poole as well as Josh Newbury Now?

Omar Poole and Josh Newbury wanted to renovate their guesthouse with the help of McGees. The couple had been with each other for 7 years when they showed up on ‘Dream Home Makeover.’ Based in Mill Creek, Utah, both intended to provide Omar’s mom with a comfy place to remain. Bordered by lovely trees, the home that Omar and Josh were repurposing needed numerous facets repurposed or included to their building. Rooms like bathroom and kitchen were added for proper living facilities. Shea implemented the couple’s mid-century preference into their residence to make the place appear even more linked to the duo.

Where are Mandi and Bryce Winkelman Now?

Based in Lehi, Utah, Mahi and also Bryce Winkelman hoped that the McGees would have the ability to make their master washroom a smooth and comfy place. The couple has 6 children, their earliest 2 being doubles as well as the same being true for the youngest 2. Both Mandi and also Bryce really hoped that they would certainly be able to get some personal privacy in their washroom. The lack of a door was a big prevention to that function, together with numerous various other concerns. As of creating, the Winkelman family seems quite pleased with their life. Isaac as well as Owe, the oldest Winkelman youngsters, commemorated their 12th birthday celebration in March 2022, while Teddy and also Lu, the youngest 2, transformed four in January 2022. Edie Rose, the oldest Winkelman child, transformed 6 in September 2021.

Where are Madison as well as Nick Panos Now?

Refurbishing a century-old family house is always a difficult job, no matter the range. The Panoses really hoped that the McGee team would be able to change the space to match the visual of their house. The Panos family has three youngsters and had been living in their family home for 4 years during their look on ‘Dream Home Makeover.’

Where are Shazia and also Taylor Chiu Now?

Based in Heber City, Utah, Shazia and also Taylor Chiu live in a house bordered by a stunning all-natural landscape. The Chius availed the services of the McGees in order to restore their access and also living area. The pair relocated to their new residence soon prior to their time in ‘Dream Home Makeover’ after they were burglarized while living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where are Jessica and also Tyler Stone Now?

For the last episode of ‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 2, the visitors satisfy Jessica and also Tyler Stone in Salem, Utah. The couple has two girls and also just recently relocated right into their new house. Within months of moving, Taylor had a stroke at 33 and also was confessed to the hospital. Jessica remembered her husband’s dream a month before the clinical case to have their room look like Hawaii. She really hoped that Shea and her group would certainly have the ability to convert their master bedroom right into an exotic sanctuary without discussing the top. To make the change a surprise, Jessica decided that the team must function during their brief getaway to West Yellowstone. Completion outcome made the Stones profoundly delighted and also gave them with a brief slice of Hawaii.

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