Drew Peterson Wives: Where Are They Now?

Drew Peterson Wives: Where Are They Now?

Such was the instance when Drew Peterson was founded guilty of murder in 2012. Lifetime’s ‘Cellmate Secrets: Drew Peterson’ chronicles the life of the former authorities policeman from Bolingbrook, Illinois, that discovered himself on the incorrect side of the regulation. Let’s take a look at Drew Peterson’s wives as well as where they are today, shall we?

Carol Brown

Carol Brown and Drew Peterson went back as they were high-school sweeties. In 1974, Drew wed Carol, as well as the couple shared a few happy years. Carol endured a miscarriage early right into her marriage, the couple went on to welcome two boys, Stephen and Eric. Fractures soon showed up in their marriage when Carol located out Drew was being disloyal. Their separation was completed in 1980, and also they went their different means. Given that her separation, Carol took place to wed her present husband, David Brown, in 1981.

Carol pointed out that after the separation, Drew did not abandon their youngsters however rather helped them economically. After Drew was presumed of being involved in murder, Carol rejected to think the insurance claims and claimed that she could not also envision her ex-husband committing such an awful criminal activity. Rather, she stated she remembered her ex-husband as an amatory and also caring person that took enormous care of her throughout her losing the unborn baby. At present, Carol Brown favors to stay off the radar and also rejects to appear for interviews; for this reason, her present whereabouts are unidentified.

Victoria (Vicki) Connolly

In 1982, two years after divorcing Carol, Drew married Vicki Connolly. The couple did not have any kids of their very own, Vicki’s little girl from a previous marital relationship lived with them.

Unlike Carol, Vicki had actually had a various notion about her ex-husband when she stated that she was really felt endangered throughout the years she was married to Drew. She also testified throughout Drew’s murder trial as well as implicated her ex-husband of residential physical violence, which included him aiming a gun at her several times and also threatening to kill her.

In 2018, Vicki appeared on the A&E program ‘Grace vs. Abrams’ where she spoke about Drew openly for the first time as well as stated that she thought him to be with the ability of murder. Today, it looks like Vicki prefers to avoid of the spotlight and also lead an exclusive life. Her existing location are not known, we hope she has actually gotten away the clutches of her past as well as is doing well.

Kathleen Savio.

Kathleen Savio wed Drew Peterson in 1992, simply over two months after he and also Vicki separated. It is also thought that Drew dating Savio led to Vicki separating him in the very first place.

On March 1, 2004, Kathleen Savio was discovered dead in a completely dry bath tub with an open wound on her head. The cops did not suspect Drew of being involved in the death, and just 2 months after Savio’s passing, her fatality was ruled a crash. When authorities started thinking Drew of being involved in his 4th other half’s disappearance, they determined to send Savio’s body in for a correct autopsy complying with demands from Savio’s family members.

With adequate premises for trial, the authorities jailed Drew Peterson and charged him with the murder of Kathleen Savio. In September 2012, the court discovered Drew Peterson guilty, as well as in February 2013, he was sentenced to prison.

Stacy Ann Peterson

Drew Peterson wed Stacy Ann Peterson on October 18, 2003, simply 8 days after splitting up from his previous partner. Apart from the couple’s very own kids, Anthony and Lacy, Stacey also adopted Drew’s kids from his marriage to Savio.

In a mysterious turn of occasions, Stacy vanished off the face of the planet on October 28, 2007. When questioned, Drew claimed she had actually left him for one more male, yet nobody, consisting of Stacy’s household, wanted to approve this insurance claim. With Drew’s background in domestic violence and also even more reports from his 2nd wife charging him of the same, the police decided to dive deeper right into Savio’s fatality which inevitably obtained Drew convicted.

However, despite a conviction on their hands, the authorities were not able to find the missing girl. There have actually been numerous theories regarding Stacy’s whereabouts, with Drew’s ex-fiancée declaring that he choked her as well as disposed of her body in a barrel. Most of these claims are dubious, and also Stacy remains missing to this extremely day.

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