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Drifting Home Plot Summary and Ending, Explained

Generated by Studio Colorido, Netflix’s ‘Drifting Home’ is a dream experience film directed by Hiroyasu Ishida. The movie revolves around a group of elementary school pupils who strangely wind up in the middle of the sea while seeing a six-decade-old apartment complex. It notes the start of their incredible journey as they have a hard time for their lives while exploring the complexities of human emotions. They also discover the significance of releasing enjoyed ones when the time is right and also making peace with it. Right here’s every little thing you need to understand about the ending of ‘Drifting Home.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Drifting Home Plot Summary

Despite being extremely near each other for fairly a long time, Natsume as well as Kousuke have started to drift apart following the fatality of grandpa Yasuji. They typically combat with each other in front of their good friends and the tension in between them has only gotten worse. Natsume has maintained the emotional injury of losing Yasuji to herself and often visits her room in the Kamonomiya facility just to experience again some of the old memories.

Given that the six-decade-old structure is about to be demolished, Kousuke and some other pupils from their course check out it unbeknownst to the threats they are putting themselves in. When Natsume and also Kousuke wind up fighting over minor things, their differences result in a scuffle following which the former slips from the top of the structure and is about to be up to the ground. Kousuke handles to grab her by her hands, he soon sheds grasp.

Something weird occurs at that moment and the extremely next 2nd they locate themselves along with the dilapidated house facility in the middle of the sea. Soon they find themselves struggling for fundamental demands like food and water. Fortunately when the apartment building winds up encountering department stores and other unoccupied structures periodically, the sixth-graders place their lives on the line to obtain the much-needed materials. It is throughout one such effort that Juri ends up getting seriously damaged and also Reina blames Natsume for it.

Regrettably, in the following few days, Natsume and also her pals start shedding hope, as well as dying in the middle of no place begins resembling a plausible opportunity. Kousuke feels that Noppo is concealing something, he later finds out that he does not recognize exactly how they finished up in the center of the sea yet does criticize himself partly for it.

Every person’s worst fears are realized when the apartment complex begins sinking gradually. Natsume and also her buddies are quick on their feet as well as they build a watercraft to save themselves. At the last moment, Noppo rejects to accompany them and stays back. Natsume really feels that she can not allow this and jumps out of the watercraft to encourage him to come with them. This adjustment every little thing as Kousuke and others are additionally compelled to reverse to save the sinking apartment complex.

Thankfully they locate a Ferris wheel on their means and also use it to take save the apartment complex from sinking. As they wander in the sea for a couple of even more hrs, they instantly find themselves gradually drifting in the direction of an island.

Drifting Home Ending: Why Was Grandfather Yasuji’s Death a Personal Loss For Natsume?
From a young age, Natsume saw her parents battle with each other. When she satisfied grandpa Yasuji, her life altered for life.

Grandpa Yasuji not only welcomed her with open arms but gave her a steady and satisfied life. Natsume quickly saw that she no longer needed to make believe to be great, as he was truly pleased. When he passed away, the stability as well as normality that he brought to her life appeared to be sliding away. Aside from the previously mentioned factors, the psychological bond that they had actually developed made his death a very personal loss for Natsume.

Is Noppo a Ghost? Why Does He Part Ways With His Friends?

In the tale, he is the thread that binds Natsume and also Kousuke’s past to the existing. As explained by him during one of the moving scenes, he has really been there since the apartment or condo facility was constructed some 6 years back and also has even observed the two friends very closely for years.

He points out observing Natsume and also Kousuke invest time with the latter’s grandpa for rather some time, however the 2 close friends do not recall ever seeing him. Before Kousuke and also his close friends return to their families, the home complex gets to a strange island that is populated by ghosts like Noppo.

Noppo explains that this is where he needs to part means with them. If they try to remain on the island they would certainly, sadly, be lost there forever and can never go back to their homes. Although Natsume has fought difficult till this indicate keep him with everyone, when she understands that Noppo has made peace with his future there, she does not attempt to convince him any longer. Noppo parts ways with his brand-new close friends as he prepares to stay on the island where he belongs.

Do Natsume, Kousuke, And Their Friends Eventually Return to Their Families? How Does Their Experience at the Sea Change Them?

As they bid Noppo a final farewell, they gain from him that they can now return safely to their households. The mysterious blue glow soon starts to border them once more. Noppo describes them as little guys and tells his close friends that they will certainly now guide them forward. Quickly the building is carried away by it and Kousuke and also his buddies drift away from the mysterious island gradually. A few minutes later the entire apartment building is slowly engulfed by the blue radiance and also before they might completely comprehend what’s occurring they understand that the structure has in some way returned to its initial area.

Natsume realizes that her mother has been desperately looking for her which is unusual as she has actually formerly presumed that she would be far better off without her. Natsume and also her good friends grow from their experience and also learn the lesson of holding onto likes ones and likewise letting them go when the time is.

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