Dwayne Johnson Looks Like Black Adam Will Have a Superman Cameo

Dwayne Johnson Looks Like Black Adam Will Have a Superman Cameo

Dwayne Johnson teases that Black Adam might have a Superman cameo after all. The DC Extended Universe is on the brink of finally introducing The Rock’s titular anti-hero. He’s been attached to play the character also prior to the DCEU began in 2013 with Man of Steel. As well as ever since Henry Cavill’s version of Superman was presented, there has been a strong passion from fans to see the Kryptonian hero meet Dwayne Johnson’s DC personality.

Black Adam’s DCEU launching was pressed back a number of years after plans for him to be the bad guy in Shazam! Black Adam’s upcoming launch in 2022 is the end result of that trip, one which will see the effective DC anti-hero reawaken in the modern-day. Various other DC heroes are verified to appear many thanks to the Justice Society of America playing a noticeable role.

There is still a huge contingent of DC fans that are holding out hope that Black Adam includes a surprise Superman cameo, also. A fan just recently reacted to one of Johnson’s tweets and also discussed exactly how he wanted to see Superman and also Black Adam share the screen.

The hopes of Henry Cavill’s Superman as well as Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam conference in the upcoming movie have actually been around for years. Cavill and Johnson have actually uploaded a number of pictures together during that time to obtain fans even more thrilled regarding the possibility. The fact that they both share the same representative (Johnson’s previous other half) has additionally left fans motivated that they’ll team up or battle eventually. However, Henry Cavill’s DCEU future as Superman has repetitively been brought into question at the same time.

If Black Adam does include a Superman cameo, it would certainly appear that Henry Cavill will certainly be the one to play him. Given That WB and also DC have numerous Superman tasks in advancement, Black Adam might also be a place to debut a brand-new Clark Kent actor. In any case, fans will certainly know fairly quickly whether or not Superman has a cameo in Black Adam.

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