Eduardo Margolis: Where is the Businessman Now?

Eduardo Margolis: Where is the Businessman Now?

As a docudrama collection that dives deep right into one of Mexico’s most controversial cases, ‘A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair’ can only be described as complicated and also fascinating. That’s due to the fact that this Netflix original attributes first-hand accounts of not simply those straight associated with the issue however additionally political leaders, journalists, and also people lying in the happy medium of all of it. Amongst them is none apart from prominent businessman Eduardo Margolis– so now, if you wish for more information regarding him, his impact, as well as his present standing, we’ve obtained you covered.

Who is Eduardo Margolis?

Eduardo Cuauht√©moc Margolis Sobol reportedly didn’t have a simple upbringing considering that his dad died while he was young, yet he still managed to survive owing to his sheer abilities. He is actually believed to be a previous agent for the Israeli intelligence service Mossad as well as has indisputably done wonders for his Jewish area in Mexico through his links throughout the years. According to the production, however, he got true popularity for serving as a specialist to Jewish kidnap victims, solving situations, and also assisting the authorities record the criminals completely.

Eduardo therefore apparently contributed to Israel Vallarta as well as Florence Cassez’s arrest for kidnapping in 2005 as well, specifically as he knew them both with the latter’s brother/his partner. Nevertheless, based on this case made by Israel, the business owner tipped off the authorities versus them as just a form of vengeance due to the fact that he ‘d helped his girlfriend’s brother in a dispute he had with him. Eduardo apparently later told Florence it had not been expected to reach it performed with her, as shown in the docuseries, yet he did proclaim Israel had, actually, “abducted several Jews in my neighborhood.”

Where is Eduardo Margolis Now?

Eduardo Margolis refuted the allegations made against him by Israel in front of the federal authorities back in 2007 itself, he was once more implicated of wrongdoing in this matter in 2016. According to records, in an opinion offered prior to the Third District Judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings in Mexico, Eduardo was identified for ordering/committing acts of torment versus Israel. His name was cited at the very least 22 times, yet it doesn’t feel like anything ever became of it, implying the businessman has never ever formally been held liable and also continues to lead an excellent, free life.

From what we can tell, Eduardo presently resides in Mexico City, Mexico, where he’s still thriving as not simply a community participant however likewise a business owner, no matter the endeavor. We must discuss Eduardo has relatively been fighting leukemia because 2006, yet it doesn’t look like he intends to reduce down on his own, let alone stop anytime soon.

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