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Elite Season 6 Recap and Ending, Explained: Does Iván Die? Who Runs Over Him?

Patrick Blanco and Iván Carvalho’s togetherness gets challenged by a personal tragedy that shatters the latter. Isadora Artiñán struggles with the trauma of getting raped by three schoolmates and seeks justice, only to get disappointed.

Following the structure of the first five seasons of the Spanish series, the sixth season’s narrative also revolves around a startling mystery. Intrigued by the same, we have taken a magnified look at the season’s ending, which is filled with astounding revelations.

Elite Season 6 Recap

Isadora’s parents open a new pub named “The Isadora House,” run by her. Patrick and Iván’s relationship gets troubled when Cruz kisses the former. When the same gets viral, Patrick uploads a video in which he says that he initiated the kiss to make amends with Iván and to save the reputation of the football player.

A troubled Cruz challenges a group of arbitrary guys, that defeats him to fatality for being gay. Iván starts to believe that Patrick paved the way for his papa’s coming out, which led to the footballer’s fatality. Because of the same, he breaks up with Patrick. As a result of a lack of evidence, the rape costs against Hugo, Javier, and also Álex obtain dropped. Javier’s childhood years buddy Dídac attempts to untangle the fact behind the very same by recording his close friend’s admission to raping Isadora with Hugo and Álex. Isadora’s lawyers dismiss the confession as inadmissible evidence, she succeeds in bringing the truth regarding her suffering to the world.

Hugo and also Álex, to sidetrack Isadora and also her pals, utilizes Javier and also develop a story that Iván raped her too. Isadora initially believes the same partially, Dídac forces his friend to explain the truth to Isadora, which leads her to reconnect with Iván. Sara deals with her violent as well as controlling boyfriend Raúl. Mencía Blanco helps her realize exactly how violent Raúl is and provides her the guts to break up with her partner. Sara kisses Mencía while partying yet the last quickly realizes that the former isn’t into ladies. Mencía asks Sara not to compel affection and encourages her to be truthful with herself.

When she comes to know that the latter is a trans man, Ari is attracted to Nico but her prejudices affect their togetherness. Nico days Sonia to fail to remember Ari yet he ultimately returns to her. Ari recognizes that she is sabotaging her friendship with Nico with her concern of injuring him like she harmed Samu. Rocío has a crush on Bilal, who hooks up with Ari. Still, Rocío attempts to get together with him whenever she satisfies him at The Isadora House, where he works. When she neglects her bag at the bar, Bilal takes the same to her house and also they wind up constructing.

Benjamín Blanco asks Ari to indicate for him and also convince Patrick and also Mencía to do the same. He even gifts them three vehicles to alter their minds. Ari at some point manages to encourage both her siblings with a purpose on her mind.

Elite Season 6 Ending: Does Iván Die? That Runs Over Him?

Throughout a Venetian carnival night at Isadora’s bar, Ari comes to know that she is expecting with Iván’s baby. In shock, she repels from the club without talking to her friends or siblings. Mencía, who is drugged by Raúl, pursues her sibling although she is almost unconscious. She notices that the front glass of the car is partially shattered when she wakes up. Ari calls her and allows her know that Iván was run over by an unidentified vehicle, just for Mencía to believe that she is the one that ran over her brother’s sweetheart. Nevertheless, Sara is the one who truly runs over Iván.

When Mencían appears of the club without also being able to stand up straight, Sara encounters her and also realizes that her pal is not well. Mencían informs Sara that Ari is not well and also Sara gets the crucial to Patrick’s car from the former. Sara drives as well as Mencía rests next to her in the car, unhealthy. When Sara attempts to check in on Mencía, she blows up of the car, as well as the same hits Iván. Alarmed, she connects to Raúl, that cleanses the automobile to eliminate Sara’s fingerprints as well as drags Mencía to the driver’s seat. Raúl convinces Sara that they are doing the right thing because Mencía is from a prominent as well as affluent family members to deal with the difficulties of the very same, unlike Sara.

Sara is somebody who survives as a social networks influencer. In case Iván passes away, the last thing she wants is for the globe to know that she caused the fatality of a person. She is afraid that the truth will pave the way for a massive loss of followers, which will influence her survival. Furthermore, Sara likewise intends to prevent the lawful battle versus Iván, who has the wealth and also impact to destroy her life, if he endures the accident. She thinks that Iván will not forgive her however will forgive Mencía because the last is his guy’s sister, which makes her accept Raúl’s plan.

Although Iván’s acquaintances and friends are afraid the most awful, he does not die. Patrick manages to bring him to a health center within the home window of hope. The physicians do surgical procedure and also conserve Iván from prompt fatality. They don’t assure Patrick, Ari, and Mencía that Iván will ultimately survive, the chances of him dying are extremely low. In the direction of the end, Iván gains consciousness and requests for Patrick, which can be viewed as a favorable indicator that makes it clear that he will certainly more than likely steer clear of from fatality.

That is the Shooter? Does Anyone Die?

After unknowingly injecting a drug Isadora has placed in his bag, Hugo fails to get an erection and thinks that forcing himself on someone will give him the excitement to get the same. After the arrest of her rapists, Isadora meets Dídac to clear the air between them.

A car drives into the premises of Las Encinas and an unrevealed person shoots a gun several times. Considering that the shooter fires the weapon when Isadora is at the premises, the individual can be somebody pertaining to Hugo and also Álex, exacting revenge on behalf of the two rapists. The individual can be a family member or someone hired by the relatives of both children, most likely trying to eliminate Isadora for damaging the lives of Hugo as well as Álex. Given that the boys are studying at a college where only pupils from one of the most influential families in Spain are admitted, Hugo as well as Álex most likely come from such prominent families.

If that’s the instance, Hugo and Álex’s arrests must have tarnished the reputation of the family members, which might have encouraged them to exact their revenge on Isadora, the root cause of their problems. If the shooter fires at Isadora, Dídac should have tried to protect her by protecting her with himself, which may have eliminated him. Isadora must have gotten shot at.

Why Do Ari, Mencía, and also Patrick Leave Madrid?

Ari considers it as the final nail in the coffin of their tragic lives in Madrid when Mencía tells Ari that she ran over Iván. Benjamín and his kids get here in Madrid looking for a new beginning to their lives. However the relocation paves the way for Ari’s near-death experience as well as unwanted maternity, Mencía getting assaulted by Armando de la Ossa, Samu’s death, as well as Mencía believing that she virtually killed her brother’s partner. As for Ari is worried, she realizes that they require to flee to a place where they will certainly not be required to manage the traumas of the past.

After aborting Iván’s baby, Ari must have understood that she can not continue living within his presence. Ari strikes his opportunity with Nico and the last thing she wants is for her sibling Mencía to obtain apprehended for murder in case Iván dies. She knows that her sister isn’t difficult enough to hide that she ran over Iván, as per Mencía’s idea, which can cause her jail time. All Ari has actually left on the planet is her sibling and also bro and also she isn’t prepared to give up both of them. She likewise doesn’t desire Patrick to obtain hurt repeatedly in case Iván handles to stay alive. Therefore, she makes her family leave the city where she and also her brother or sisters endured a whole lot.

Since Iván regains consciousness and starts to ask for Patrick, it is clear that he will try to reconnect with his partner. If Patrick comes to know that Iván is alive and well, he may rush back to Madrid to be with the latter.

Do Isadora and also Dídac End Up Together?

Since meeting Dídac, Isadora yearns to form a link with him. The fact that he is her rapist Javier’s close friend stops her from committing to Dídac. She can not tolerate that her partner remains in some way still a part of her rapist’s life. Furthermore, the injury of obtaining raped stops her from relying on any individual, consisting of Dídac. Therefore, she at first stays away from taking into consideration a relationship with him. However Javier’s confession to the cops and also his guarantee that Dídac can be relied on without a darkness of a doubt offers Isadora sufficient guts to fix their link.

Isadora still isn’t all set yet to completely rely on a man, even if it is Dídac. She expresses to him that she is changing by kissing him. If they aren’t shot dead by the unidentified shooter, Isadora and also Dídac are expected to be with each other. Dídac most likely will help Isadora to trust him gradually. She may soon begin sharing intimacy with him without her past haunting her. Dídac holds your horses enough to give Isadora all the time she wants and needs to adapt to her new reality and compassionate enough to help her deal with the ghosts of the past. Considering that they haven’t been loved by their family, Isadora and Dídac may find love and a home in each other.

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