Elizabeth Haysom: Where is Derek and Nancy Haysom Daughter Now?

Elizabeth Haysom: Where is Derek and Nancy Haysom Daughter Now?

In a case that got worldwide interest and law enforcement of various countries involved, ABC’s ’20/20: Would You Kill For Love?’ chronicles the marvelous tale of Elizabeth Haysom who conspired with her guy to murder her moms and dads in n Virginia in April 1985. The awesome couple was ultimately nabbed months after they ran away from the authorities, taking a trip to different countries. It is an instance that will fascinate every visitor as well as rightly so. Who is Elizabeth Haysom? Let’s learn then, shall we?

Who Is Elizabeth Haysom?

Elizabeth Roxanne Haysom was birthed in April 1964 in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) to Derek William Reginald Haysom, and also Nancy Astor Langhorne “Cita” Benedict Haysom. She was the only youngster birthed after her moms and dads, that had 5 children in between them from their previous marital relationships, got wed in 1960. She was enrolled in a boarding institution in Switzerland prior to being confessed to Wycombe Abbey in England.

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Beautiful and also smart, Elizabeth had a hard time suitable in. Elizabeth messed up her grades and meeting for Trinity College, Cambridge, in her last year at Wycombe Abbey.

Elizabeth obtained admission to the University of Virginia in the autumn of 1984 as an Echols Scholar. It was there she satisfied Jens Soering, a baby-faced German who was the son of a West German diplomat. They promptly struck off, yet her moms and dads authorized of their relationship. When they returned residence throughout the term breaks, the couple made use of to create long, passionate letters to every various other, underlying their typical hatred for their parents.

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On March 29, 1985, Elizabeth as well as Jens rented a grey Chevette as well as drove to Washington, DC, where they stayed at the Georgetown Marriott. They went to the films, strolled around the city, saw numerous dining establishments, and returned to Charlottesville after investing the weekend break. On April 3, 1985, Elizabeth was alerted by the authorities that her parents had actually been completely killed at their home in Virginia. The couple also participated in the funeral with each other.

The investigators dismissed the couple as suspects. Feeling the warm, the pair left the nation, going from Paris to Luxembourg under camouflage and also pretenses. They intended to go to Thailand for getting Jens’ birth certification, get married, and also jointly apply for Thai citizenship.

After that, they flew to Thailand, made false records, and also traveled to Singapore, and Moscow, prior to finally pertaining to England. The couple stayed under aliases there as well as cheated financial institutions and also shops in London till they got caught in April 1986.

Where is Elizabeth Haysom Today?

Elizabeth, on the other hand, created to Jens in October 1986 that she intended to plead guilty. In May 1987, she voluntarily returned to Virginia where she took a plea offer, blaming the murder of her parents on Jen.

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She begged guilty to being an accessory to the murders prior to the reality and also affirmed at Jens’ trial. Elizabeth was incarcerated in a cell at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women in Troy, Virginia.

While offering her sentence, Elizabeth wrote several articles for several publications. After serving 30 years of jail term, Elizabeth was transferred to the custodianship of the U.S. Immigration and also Customs Enforcement.

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