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Encanto: How The Reconstruction Of Casita Affects The Dynamics Of The Madrigal Family

Encanto Madrigal family stands in front of rebuilt Casita
Encanto director Jared Bush weighs in on how the Casita’s rebuild impacts the Madrigal family’s dynamics. The Casita plays a major role in Encanto, as both a symbol and protector of the Madrigals’ gifts. Arguably the most pivotal moment in the Disney film comes when the Casita is damaged and the family’s magic along with it. This also leads to some of Encanto’s many heartwarming minutes, as both the Madrigals and their neighbors function together to rebuild the residence.

The Casita also plays an essential duty in establishing the family’s dynamics. She likewise disregards Mirabel’s concerns concerning the Casita leading up to its devastation, which intensifies the issue. Eventually, the Casita offers as a clear indication of the Madrigal family’s concerns with one another, also if they reject to resolve them till it’s also late.

Thankfully, Bush assumes a great deal of the family’s dynamics would transform after the Casita was reconstructed at the end of Encanto. Replying to one visitor’s concern concerning the film, he discussed just how Mirabel’s gift event impacted her connection with Alma, also recommending the family would be modified by the occasions at the end of the film:

It makes sense the Casita’s damage as well as eventual rebuild would alter the Madrigal family, probably for the better. Alma is already revealed to be considerably warmer towards Mirabel in Encanto’s final moments, as well as this would likely just enhance in the future. It’s clear Alma is sorry for a lot of her behavior towards her grandchildren, and it’s very easy to picture her making even more of an effort to treat them similarly after the occasions of the movie.

Similarly, the Casita’s rebuild in Encanto would likely modify the dynamic between Mirabel as well as her sisters. Like Mirabel’s improving partnership with Alma, this is revealed some in the film, with the 3 ultimately comprehending each other as well as the distinct problems they lug. The movie suggests they will certainly end up being also more detailed after the Casita is restored. With any luck, an Encanto follow up or other related project will certainly additionally discover the Madrigal family’s dynamics.

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