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Encounter with cannibals in the trailer for the eighth episode of The Last of Us

HBO Max has released a teaser for the next episode of The Last of Us. In the video, Ellie is trying to cure Joel, find a cure and get food for the two of them. At some point, she meets a group of survivors who turn out to be cannibals and have a long-standing score with a couple.

The service also showed a video about the production of the seventh episode of the show. In it, Craig Mazin, Bella Ramsay, Stormy Reid, and others talk about the production of the episode, which tells how Ellie and Riley were bitten by the infected in the mall.

This is an adaptation of the Left Behind add-on. The girls will not only have to survive the attack of the infected, but also have fun on the rides, in shops and other locations.

The next episode of The Last of Us will air on March 6th. There will be nine episodes in total.

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