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Erick Bougleux and Leo Santhos talk about the national dubbing of Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man anime was just one of the highlights of 2022 with superb animation and also a non-traditional lead character. The first period officially concerned an end in the last week of December. Dubbing complies with an unique timetable, so referred to as episodes are still being launched on Tuesdays on Crunchyroll.

The anime’s tale complies with Denji, a young boy that lives a challenging life alongside a demon called Pochita, his only close friend. With a massive debt acquired from his papa, he and his animal face other satanic forces daily to get a few bucks to make it through. Till, eventually, the two are surprised by a dishonesty.

In addition to the electrifying narrative and also computer animation, the dubbing produced by the Som de Vera Cruz studio has actually been one of the highlights of the adjustment, with numerous famous moments of important characters from the job. The cast has Erick Bougleux as Denji, Luísa Viotti as Makima, Pamella Rodrigues as Power and also Sergio Cantú as Aki. Leo Santhos is the dubbing director.

NerdBunker had the possibility to talk with Bougleux and Santhos, who discussed aspects of Chainsaw Man dubbing, inquisitiveness, obstacles and impressive crossovers that might just exist in the creativity of otakus.

Bougleux, who has articulated famous personalities such as Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and also Kazuma (Konosuba), exposed that he was currently a big fan of the Chainsaw Man manga prior to the dubbing:

The statement of the manga adjustment produced high assumptions among fans, largely because the MAPPA workshop was in charge of the computer animation. In several episodes, Chainsaw Man brings the personalities animated in terrific detail, which supplies better expressiveness. Leonardo Santhos commented on the “cinematographic” animation of the anime and how it affects the dubbing:

Another facet that draws attention in the dubbing of Chainsaw Man is the a lot more kicked back language that, according to Leo Santhos and also Erick Bougleux, differs according to the tone of the anime, the character or a certain scene:

Leo Santhos and Erick Bougleux additionally opened up about their favorite anime personalities. The 2 also commented on their favorite anime minutes:

Imaginary crossovers and also ‘chainsaw grimoire’?!

In addition to Chainsaw Man, Leonardo and also Erick additionally worked together on various other anime calls such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Black Clover. When asked – in a completely hypothetical circumstance – whether Denji would certainly be a better fit as a member of the Jujutsu School or the Black Bulls, the voice actors agreed that Chainsaw Man would certainly do well in both scenarios:

The first season of Chainsaw Man is offered on Crunchyroll, with subtitles in Portuguese. New called episodes appeared on Tuesdays.

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