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Extended parkour scene from ‘The Office’ leaked online

The brand-new version of the episode is nearly a min longer than the initial. The official YouTube channel of The Office funny series posted an extended version of the famous parkour scene from the show. The video was released to celebrate the launch of additional as well as cut materials from the sixth season on the Peacock streaming solution.

The parkour scene takes place at the start of the very first episode of the sixth season of The Office. At the end of the scene, they try a collection of truck leaps, yet the effort falls short, as anticipated.

The extended variation of the scene is 2:35 mins long, virtually a minute longer than the initial scene, which is 1:36. In the included frames, you can see exactly how the characters are trying to colorfully run into the closing elevator and jump onto the rolling wheel. Additionally, the new version also has a clip in which the triad are trying to catch their breath in the corporate canteen after executing extreme feats, but just a couple of moments later they return to test their toughness.

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