Ezra McCandless: Where is Alex Woodworth Now?

Ezra McCandless: Where is Alex Woodworth Now?

As the title recommends, CBS’ ’48 Hours: The Case Against Ezra McCandless’ is an episode that narrates the abhorrent 2018 murder of Alexander “Alex” Woodworth through his ex-lover, Ezra McCandless. The young Wisconsin citizen has usually confessed to being the one that stabbed Alex to fatality, but her first claims of it being in protection smashed within weeks owing to undeniable evidence. So since it’s been a while because this issue shut for good, let’s find out even more about Ezra McCandless, her atrocious violation, intentions, as well as current location, shall we?

That is Ezra McCandless?

Born as Monica Kay on October 6, 1997, to a mother who was just 14 and also a father that was never ever a part of her life, several assume that Ezra McCandless had a distressed childhood years. That’s not totally the situation since her mother’s companion embraced her when she was 4 and continued their partnership even after they separated when Ezra was 12. The only point that pops out is the truth that she questioned her gender identification when she was in senior high school and tried on various names and pronouns prior to settling down on Ezra McCandless as it “fit completely for that I am.”

After Ezra dropped out of university, she relocated to the city of Eau Claire, where she met and started relationships with both Jason Mengel as well as Alex Woodworth in 2017. According to her own accounts, Ezra’s participation with Alex started slow, as well as after Jason was currently a huge part of her life, implying that it was a secret romantic affair. In late February 2018, though, Ezra broke up with both guys after her then-boyfriend learnt more about the other liaison, just to attempt as well as integrate with Jason in the future, eventually causing Alex’s homicide on March 22, 2018.

Not only was there a hill of evidence versus Ezra, yet her own official declarations were inconsistent and ever-changing, making her unstable. Ezra’s objective, they added, was that she was an interest candidate that would certainly quit at absolutely nothing to win back Jason’s heart.

Where is Ezra McCandless Now?

During Ezra McCandless’ trial in the fall of 2019, the strangest part was not her large delight upon seeing her previous guy, Jason Mengel, stroll into the court room (to indicate versus her), however her visible light beam whenever she was the facility of the discussion. When she took the stands in her own protection was also fairly amazing, Ezra’s informal behavior. Hence, along with the evidence, her actions seemingly contributed in the jurors’ final decision as well. On November 1, 2019, Ezra was condemned as charged.

Virtually 2 years after Alex’s slaying– on February 7, 2020– Ezra was sentenced to life behind bars with the possibility of parole after 50 years. Ezra ultimately criticized a “prejudicial media” for her sentence, specifying that she was improperly portrayed as a “sex fiend and also a phony.” “If you take a breath, it will be made use of against you,” she remarked in a declaration. “If you weep as well difficult or excessive, ‘She is a phony.’ If you do not sob sufficient, ‘She is Heartless.’ If you smile, ‘She is not taking this seriously.’ If you keep your face tranquility, ‘She is pitiless.’ DAILY: Smile, however not way too much. It’s alright to cry, yet not too much. Do not react! Make sure that you show who you are!”

Despite that, Ezra apologized for her hand in Alex’s death during her sentencing hearing, declaring, “I loved Alex very much. We should also mention that she’s openly utilizing her time behind bars right now by creating sketches and selling them online.

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