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Fairy Tail: 10 Characters Natsu Never Interacts With

In anime, it’s conventional that the protagonist will meet every persona within the anime. Nonetheless, some anime sequence non-public such broad casts that it’s inconceivable for the result in bustle into every person. Fairy Tail’s Natsu Dragneel is one such lead persona — Natsu pushes the chronicle forward, nonetheless he can’t be there to meet every person.

Thanks to Fairy Tail’s behavior of getting diversified characters fight one of the most necessary critical enemies, there are a range of enemies which might perhaps be completed off sooner than Natsu will get to bustle into them. The chronicle furthermore spans hundreds of years so there are characters Natsu used to be merely too young to encounter.

10 Azuma Was Defeated & Became Into A Tree Sooner than He Met Natsu

Azuma used to be a member of Grimoire Coronary heart and he seemed on Tenrou Island for the interval of the S-Class examinations to assault the Fairy Tail guild. Azuma never obtained a possibility to meet Natsu because Natsu used to be busy going through diversified participants of Grimoire Coronary heart. As a replace, Azuma ran into Panther Lily and stumbled on himself struggling. In a while, Azuma battled Mirajane and Lisanna; Azuma won resulting from how Mirajane and Lisanna manipulated the fight. Azuma lastly battled Erza, nonetheless used to be soundly defeated and transformed into a tree.

9 Kawazu Was With out danger Defeated By Gajeel & Never Viewed But again

Kawazu used to be one among the few participants of Grimoire Coronary heart that wasn’t one among their ace participants attacking Fairy Tail. He stood out ample to be a menace to one of the most necessary weaker participants of the team and made a level to try and nook Levy McGarden. Though Kawazu obtained the tumble on her on the muse along with his ruthless assaults and egg magic, he wasn’t ready to lend a hand with Levy’s Stable Script magic. Her powers were a long way too versatile, and alongside Gajeel Redfox, she used to be ready to knock Kawazu out.

8 Ezel Loses To Wendy Sooner than He Can Change into A Grunt For Others

Fairy Tail’s Ezel used to be a member of Tartaros and one among the rare few who never encountered Natsu for any length of time. Whereas Natsu used to be busy struggling with enemies savor Jackal and Tempester, Ezel had diversified plans to address. His unbiased used to be activating the Magic Pulse Bomb Face and with Magnolia’s Magic Council in disarray, it’s no longer shining he used to be ready to drag it off. Nonetheless, Ezel used to be taken down by Wendy Marvell when she entered her Dragon Force invent.

7 Irene Belserion Confronted Erza & Wendy & Was Ended By Acnologia

Some Fairy Tail followers obtain it irregular that the mom of all Dragon Slayers never essentially met the most threatening Dragon Slayer, nonetheless the Alvarez Empire arc had to wrap up different storylines essentially fleet — and Irene’s chronicle used to be with Erza, no longer Natsu.

Irene spent unprecedented of her time on the sidelines casting her Earth One spell to lower the landmass of Magnolia and manufacture it more straightforward to search out Mavis. Later, she obtained into fight with her child Erza and gave up even despite the truth that she had victory neatly in hand. By the tip, Irene used to be killed by Acnologia and never obtained a possibility to bustle into Natsu in particular person.

6 Wall Eehto Was Destroyed In His Battle With Laxus

Wall made complications for the Fairy Tail guild twice. Within the early half of the Alvarez Empire storyline, he invaded Magnolia with a bunch of troops and tore apart a barrier space up by Freed. This led to a fight with the participants of the Remark God Tribe and Ichiya where Wall used to be taken out. Nonetheless, it used to be rapidly published that this used to be essentially a fallacious model of Wall. The valid one seemed later and battled Laxus Dreyar who no longer handiest defeated Wall, nonetheless outsmarted him to purify himself.

5 Seilah Battled Mirajane, Was Defeated & Had Her Powers Absorbed

Though she wasn’t alive to to fight, Seilah used to be one among the worst participants of Tartaros. She forcibly grew to alter into Elfman against the guild and caused him to assassinate the placement. Within the tip, Seilah’s fight used to be against Elfman, Lisanna, and Mirajane. Mirajane used to be the finest counterpart to Seilah and this made for one among her simplest fights — Seilah’s skill to manipulate folk’s our bodies used to be ineffective against Mirajane. The two of them fought to a standstill except Elfman joined the fight and collectively they defeated Seilah. Since all of this took location whereas Natsu used to be busy with diversified participants of the darkish guild, the Seilah and Natsu never met.

4 God Serena Bought One-Shotted By Acnologia

God Serena used to be the most glorified jobber in Fairy Tail. God Serena used to be overrated as this effective warrior — the strongest member of the Ten Wizard Saints. The principle to his energy used to be that he supposedly had a pair of lacrima planted in his physique to develop his energy. He earlier skool this energy to with out problems utilize down four of the strongest Wizard Saints, nonetheless used to be killed by Acnologia in a single hit. God Serena used to be revived by Neinhart, nonetheless used to be then defeated by a Gildarts who used to be upset this revived model used to be so unprecedented weaker than the valid one.

3 Kagura Mikazuchi Spent Most Of Her Time Interacting With Erza

Kagura used to be presented on the starting of the Sizable Magic Games storyline. She used to be the strongest member of the guild Mermaid Heel and he or she had a crimson meat with Fairy Tail member Erza Scarlet resulting from her actions for the interval of the Tower of Heaven.

Erza and Kagura obtained into it for the interval of the Sizable Magic Games, nonetheless they didn’t get a possibility to realize things up. After that, Fairy Tail moved on to extra serious issues and Natsu used to be never shown spending time with Kagura.

2 Ivan Dreyar Was Defeated By Laxus Sooner than Any individual Else Ever Bought Shut to Him

Ivan Dreyar used to be Makarov’s son and Laxus’ dad, so Natsu had perhaps met him at one point, nonetheless any of their time collectively would non-public took location off-cowl. In Fairy Tail, Ivan used to be working his like guild, Raven Tail. He earlier skool Gajeel as a advance to get information about Fairy Tail, despite the truth that Gajeel used to be essentially a triple agent reporting lend a hand on Raven Tail’s actions. All over the Sizable Magic Games, Laxus beat down no longer handiest Ivan Dreyar, nonetheless the full Raven Tail guild with ease. Afterwards, the full neighborhood vanished and weren’t heard from for the the leisure of the sequence.

1 Rustyrose Was Taken Down By Fairy Tail’s S-Class Mages Sooner than Natsu May perhaps Meet Him

Rustyrose used to be a member of Precht’s guild Grimoire Coronary heart. His unbiased used to be serving to to scheme a world where nearly every person who couldn’t use magic wants to be worn out. Whereas on Tenrou Island, Rustyrose managed to defeat both Elfman and Evergreen with the energy of his Arc of Embodiment magic. In a while, he stumbled on himself struggling with Fried and Bickslow, two of Fairy Tail’s S-Class mages who didn’t let him off simple. With the abet of Lisanna and Elfman, they took Rustyrose out for the the leisure of the arc. Rustyrose used to be handiest shown all as soon as more long after Fairy Tail had already left after defeating their guild chief.

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