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Fernando Araujo: Where is the Bank Rio Heist Mastermind Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist’ charting one of one of the most well known Argentinian robberies from start to finish, we get a total understanding right into the means it impacted everyone involved. That’s due to the fact that this extreme 2006 procedure was not just performed stylishly (apparently with no fireable weapons) however the real haul from Acassuso’s Bank Rio was never recovered either. So now, if you wish to learn more regarding the undoubtedly pleased mastermind behind everything– with a specific concentrate on his motive as well as his existing standing– we’ve got the vital details for you.

That is Fernando Araujo?

It was back in 2003 that Fernando was “the happiest male on Earth” upon taking a sabbatical to concentrate solely on art, whether it be plastic arts, fighting styles, or cannabis arts, per the docudrama. The Acassuso, San Isidro, indigenous also had a little studio for the same, where he was extensively expanding pure cannabis while likewise creating a publication on its general advantages and also interior cultivation. Given that the messed up 1999 Ramallo heist transformed carnage in his province was still in the back of his mind, he quickly began pondering the idea of burglarizing a bank with no adverse end results.

Fernando openly admitted in the manufacturing that he has absolutely nothing against the system of commercialism– he simply “wanted a little item of the pie”– yet his motive came back to creating art also. He genuinely thinks youngsters and also art are the single 2 transcendence of death, which is why he desired to truly explore the latter through every skill set required to implement a burglary unlike any other. For this reason came Project Donatello, named after ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ due to the fact that they’re eco-friendly like pot, are martial artists, as well as live underground (specifically the area Fernando’s plan took him).

The bohemian combating sporting activities instructor hence began utilizing his funds, academic training in electric design, and other resources to figure out ins and outs, all the while finding partners. He did virtually quit his efforts a number of times from the moment he had actually originally chosen to go through with the rip-off around September 2004, only for everything ahead together by January 2006. Bank Rio was inevitably appropriated under Fernando’s guidance on Friday the 13th, where he even left a note reading, “In a community of abundant people, without weapons or grudges, it’s simply money, not love.”

Where is Fernando Araujo Now?

From originally making officials think they had actually a stressed group surrounded to the blow up escape plethoras in the underground canal, every facet of Fernando’s technique exercised to a tee. Though, as soon as a staff participant’s spouse voluntarily talked to the cops within weeks, he understood absolutely nothing can be done and also hence started preparing for the lawful proceedings while still on a retreat. There were reportedly no large initiatives to recuperate the cash (completing over $20 million) owing to insurance/the bank’s arrangement with targets, yet he did obtain 14 years behind bars in 2010.

Fernando simply offered a year and also a half of his burglary sentence before he was enabled to be released, and also ever since, the artist has actually seemingly been doing his best to remain on the right imaginative path. From what we can tell, not only does he remain to teach martial arts at a neighborhood health club in his house district of Buenos Aires, but he’s additionally a film writer and also manufacturer adding to projects on this stroke of genius for accuracy. The marijuana fanatic, along with an entire team, was in fact shortlisted for a Sur Award in connection to their operate in the 2020 Ariel Winograd drama-comedy-thriller ‘The Heist of the Century.’

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