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Film overview: Why Chief Daddy 2 is a humiliation to Nollywood


When Chief Daddy used to be released in 2018, it used to be dazzling to leer, had if reality be told humorous scenes and even supposing it wasn’t ideal, it used to be loved and enjoyed by many. Sadly identical can now not be said of Chief Daddy 2.

Chief Daddy 2 dropped on Netflix this day, January 1, 2022 and whew, it used to be a entire raze of time and superstar studded for nothing!!! Forgive me if I sound so furious but it with out a doubt in actuality pissed me off.

The absolute hilarity and vitality chanced on in the distinctive used to be nearly completely nonexistent. It felt fancy it used to be written by an Asaba Nollywood creator.

Obviously, the manufacturing used to be substantial, graceful costumes, very marvelous actors; effectively no surprise there, it’s an EbonyLife film, we anticipated completely no much less but it with out a doubt had no memoir line in anyway; very disappointing.

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The sub-storylines have been too many, and a few looked pointless. In all honesty, having to sit down down by to the quit used to be torture and dull but any individual’s obtained to for an huge overview of it.

Some of characters lost their authentic touch, eg the attorney Remi Fort’s feature used to be diminished to a dumb pity occasion member of the family as an alternative of taking up her feature as a sound Lawyer….We could aloof now not have any knowing why Ireti and Dami Baggio apparently abandoned their marvelous natured capabilities……we weren’t informed how Tinu and Teni ended up having a joint enterprise with Nike Williams…or readability on their cherish triangle with the attorney…Ini Edo’s feature wasn’t felt in any appreciate…identical for Donatus and Pat….even the introduction of Broda shaggy into the movie actually added no color, precise bleh after which the day out to Dubai…gosh!!…

Writers didn’t attain justice to ‘Chief Daddy 2, going for broke’s script in any appreciate, thus making it a humiliation to Nollywood and we deserve an apology for being served such on the first day of a new twelve months for that topic.

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