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Filming for the fifth season of Stranger Things is set to begin in May.

Work on the series will not interfere with the studies of young stars.

The fourth season of Stranger Things has become not only the most watched English-language show on Netflix, but also the most in-demand multi-episode project of 2022 overall, so expectations for the fifth and final season are unusually high. On the eve it became known that the filming of the final series will start in May this year.

Noah Schnapp , the performer of the role of Will Byers, shared the news in a short video , noting that work on the super-popular show will not overlap with his studies at school.

The fifth season, which will consist of eight episodes, will be the epic denouement of the entire saga. Not only the fate of Hawkins and its inhabitants will be at stake. Previously, the authors of the show, Matt and Ross Duffer, admitted that some of the ideas that will be implemented in the finale could have been embodied in the second season, but the success of the project prompted them to make the story more ambitious and detailed.

A release date for the fifth season of Stranger Things has not yet been set, but the final episodes are expected to premiere in the second half of 2024.


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