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‘Fix the home, fix the country’

Our Reporter

Lead counsellor of the Marriage Fit Academy, Modupe Ehirim, has identified the home as the source of the country’s problems or its solution.

Ehirim said once couples can fix their marriages, they can build stable homes and raise children that will become productive, patriotic members of society.

Proper attention to the home, she added, will help to curb kidnapping, rape and other forms of domestic violence.

Ehirim spoke on the sidelines of the Marriage Fit Academy’s one-month African delegates’ family day conference, which seeks solutions to marital problems. The conference started about five years ago.

“Marriage is beautiful. But a trap is something that happens when you don’t know your way. You inadvertently fall into it. So, if you see anyone who considers marriage as a trap, what that suggests is that they are ignorant.  But they don’t have to stay ignorant. They can apply marriage education to their life. Once the family is okay, the society would be better,” she said.

According to her, the organisation has about 13,500 members and they meet regularly to brainstorm on issues affecting marriage.

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