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From street cleaning to the cover of fashion magazines: a new trailer for the film “Jura the Janitor” has been released

The premiere of the film, based on the true story of the janitor, who became famous throughout Russia, will be released at the end of April.

The film company “Karoprokat” has released an extended trailer for the comedy film ” Yura Janitor “. The central roles in the film were played by Denis Vlasenko (“Close Gestalt”), Anton Kuznetsov (“Mediator”), Gosha Kutsenko (“This is What Happens to Me”), Tatyana Dogileva (“Vampires of the Middle Band”) and Ida Galich (“Monastery” ).

The film is based on the true story of the janitor Yuri Vetlugin from Ufa, who became famous throughout Russia thanks to his model appearance and resemblance to Matthew McConaughey. At the center of the story is the talented photographer Roma ( Vlasenko ).

Left without a job in Moscow, the hero decides to return to his native Ufa. There he meets the eternally optimistic and somewhat naive janitor Yura ( Kuznetsov ), who is heavily indebted by swindlers. Wanting to help the poor fellow, the hero arranges a fashionable photo shoot for Yura and uses Photoshop to place his image on the cover of a glossy magazine. However, unexpectedly for Roma himself, the picture becomes the main sensation of the Internet and turns the janitor into a real star.

The film was directed by Vitaly Dudka, best known for his work on the thriller almanac Who’s There?. Filming took place both in Ufa itself, where the real story of Vetlugin took place, and in Moscow. For the sake of working on the role, Kuznetsov not only had to lose 7 kg, but also constantly wear complex makeup, the application of which each time took the team 2.5 hours.

Yura the Janitor will be released on Russian screens on April 27, 2023.

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