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Genesis Suero has surgery on her ears for wearing very heavy earrings. Exclusive details.

Earlobes can damage, tear, or increase the size of for a range of factors, and it’s quite common, especially if you’re the kind to wear huge, heavy earrings. We talked exclusively with Genesis Suero regarding the repair service surgery that needed to be done recently.

The co-host of the television program En casa with Telemundo as well as previous beauty queen discussed to People en Espanol that she had a lobuloplasty 3 days ago since among the openings she had as a child was very high and also this caused her to As time went by, it would get bigger.

“Over the years, from wearing heavy earrings to appeal pageants, the weight of the earrings was creating a longer lobe that could cause a break in my ear that would not look excellent cosmetically. I spoke with Dr. Todd Hanna to see if it was possible to repair it to ensure that they wouldn’t break totally as well as we wound up fixing both, the one that was currently extended as well as the one that wasn’t,” said the Dominican communicator.

Pertaining to the treatment, the specialist clarified to us over the phone that it is a simple procedure that includes repairing the tear or extend in the ear holes, which did not enable the ear rings to remain in place comfortably or to fall out.

“What I did was I fixed the holes in his earrings, I leave the stitches in for a week, after that I remove them and also the next week after that the puncturing can be done again. After that the person has to put on tiny earrings for 3 to 4 weeks prior to wearing the large ones,” Hanna made clear.

He included that throughout the recuperation procedure, in addition to maintaining the location clean, Suero has to put on a kind of small jewelry and also rare-earth elements such as gold, platinum or silver to avoid any kind of infection since these battle the bacteria normally.

“Estoy feliz de que finalmente el mejor cirujano me arreglo los lobulos de las orejas. Me operaron hace unos dias asi que no usare aretes por un tiempo, pero vale la pena corregir”, escribio la ex reina de belleza en su cuenta de Instagram agradeciendo a su physician.

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