Gintama Series: 10 Most Funniest Running Gags, Ranked

Gintama Series 10 Most Funniest Running Gags, Ranked

Gintama is among the funniest anime of the last couple of decades, and its credibility is appropriately been entitled to. Its distinct mix of high-octane funny with extreme action and also emotional drama is not seen in many various other shows. While it may not be as high-profile as various other Shonen Jump series, it is still quite popular.

Like any funny series, Gintama sports a big quantity of running gags over its big runtime. With a substantial ensemble of eccentric and also eccentric personalities, Gintama has plenty of ludicrous gags and jokes that set its funny besides the others. Right here are a few of the funniest running gags seen throughout the entire Gintama series.

Shinpachi’s Glasses

Shimura Shinpachi is one of one of the most vital personalities in Gintama, however he admittedly does not have much of a visibility, especially compared to the flashier members of the Yorozuya. He is so typical that his glasses are often his most distinguishing feature, much to his shame.

Ultimately, this presumes that some personalities start to insist that Shinpachi is the glasses themselves which the human body is only a device. Naturally, Shinpachi dislikes this joke, however fans find it among his funniest running gags.

Okita And Hijikata

The Shinsengumi police force is one of one of the most vital parts of the Gintama cast, and also Okita and Hijikata are amongst its most famous members. However, regardless of being loyal to their leader Kondo, Okita and Hijikata are constantly at odds.

While Okita commonly births a lot of the malice, Hijikata likewise disapproval Okita for his continuous backstabbing tendencies. The clashes typically bounce between easy squabble and all-out fighting. Their terrible and also dysfunctional relationship is a consistent source of comedy, even if it does boost with time.


Hijikata Toshiro of the Shinsengumi is recognized for both his strictness and his severity, earning him the nickname of the Demon Vice-Commander. His Kyokuchu Hatto are the guidelines that the Shinsengumi must obey, as well as failure to adhere to the guidelines indicates extreme punishment.

Of program, Hijikata isn’t an equipment, and also he has his weak points. While it’s hilarious to see Hijikata’s fixation with mayonnaise, it absolutely includes shade to a potentially one-note character.

Toilet Humor

Gintama has a great deal of jokes that are based on recommendations, not simply to manga and anime, however also to Japanese popular culture and also lifestyles. There are a lot of Japanese puns all over this series, and also only somebody skilled in Japanese will certainly obtain a lot of these jokes.

Obviously, Gintama likewise has a great deal of filthy jokes also. Dirty jokes are frequently the bread and butter of a Gintama episode, and also it’s not rare to see a bundle of mosaics all over the screen. While Gintama has a whole lot of clever jokes, it’s not worried to engage in lowbrow humor.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

When it comes to what jokes it desires to make, gintama seldom has any kind of limits. Consequently, it often gladly makes meta jokes concerning its state as an anime, with constant jokes about its possible termination. On a smaller sized range, characters usually make jokes concerning their look rate and also character setup, as if they were stars in a show.

Gintama’s breaking of the 4th wall is so implanted into the series that it even had an arc surrounding the results of a real-life appeal poll. Even the writer emerges in the anime in the form of a nose-picking gorilla.

Kondo And Sacchan’s Stalking

Kondo is the leader of the Shinsengumi and also a simple and charming leader in his very own. Regardless of that, he has one fatal flaw: he’s a ruthless stalker that constantly seeks Otae’s affections, to the point that he spends an extreme amount of time hiding around her and also Shinpachi’s house.

Kondo isn’t the only stalker in the Gintama cast; the glasses-wearing ninja Sacchan likewise aches after the main personality Gintoki, and regularly slips right into his home in order to spy on him. While their activities are troublesome, in the world of Gintama they are just hilarious.

Madao’s Misfortunes

Hasegawa is among the most regrettable characters in the series, being an unlucky male with a fondness for falling into bad circumstances. Perpetually on the edge of hardship, Hasegawa regularly battles to hold on to his cash, as well as his situation caused him being nicknamed Madao, significance, among other things, that he is a good-for-nothing old man.

Throughout the series, Hasegawa undertakes a lot of tests and adversities as he tries to crawl back to a reputable lifestyle. While several of these tales can be somewhat serious, they are typically hilarious, such as Hasegawa’s several part-time jobs that are ultimately destroyed by the gang.

Elizabeth’s True Face

Among the a lot more surreal personalities in this series is Elizabeth, an unusual duck-like creature as well as Katsura’s once buddy and also pet dog. It’s fairly clear to everyone that Elizabeth is not what it seems, however no person is actually certain what the reality actually is.

The majority of the moment, Elizabeth plays a silent character that doesn’t talk. Nevertheless, in some cases it breaks personality and talks in a weird voice, exposing a darkened face from inside the outfit. While Elizabeth’s identification stays an enigma for the majority of the series, it is still a core part of the cast.

It’s Not Zura, It’s Katsura!

While Katsura Kotaro might be the enthusiastic leader of the Joi Rebels, he is also quite the scatterbrain. Regardless of being among Gintoki’s a lot of loyal comrades as well as allies, he is also an absurd comic alleviation personality that must have no organization leading a rebellion.

While Katsura has a lot of running gags based around his airheaded personality, his most famous gag focuses on Gintoki’s nickname for him, “Zura”. Katsura disapproval the label so much that he reflexively fixes anybody that states something also from another location near it. This gag is one of Gintama’s most famous, and also it is one of Katsura’s signature lines.

It’s The Shogun!

While he might not appear very usually, the Shogun is no matter among the funniest personalities in the Gintama actors. The Shogun often slips out of the palace in order to experience life the manner in which commoners do, however this constantly winds up with him going across paths with the Odd Jobs crew.

Every encounter with the Shogun leads to the staff attempting to do their best to ensure he havings fun, however their ventures usually end in him being abused by those that are uninformed of his true identification (or in some cases even by those who know). The Shogun handles it all with dignity, yet that only makes things all the more hilarious.

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