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Gladiator 2 | Russell Crowe will not be in the sequel

Do not expect an appearance by Maximus Decimus in Gladiator 2. That’s because, according to Russell Crowe, interpreter of the iconic character, he will not have any involvement in the sequel starring Paul Mescal.

In an interview with the Fitzy & Wippa podcast, the Oscar winner commented that he has been talking to director Ridley Scott, but that his character should not appear in the new film – and not in the form of flashbacks.

“I kind of know how Ridley [Scott] is shaping the story. If you remember, there was a kid who looked up to Gladiator, and now, he’s grown up. Now, he is the Emperor. This is the starting point. So it’s not a remake. And it’s not a direct sequel, either. It won’t start the next day or anything like that. There is a big [time] jump, something like thirty years or more”, he commented.

Peter Craig (Top Gun: Maverick) will be responsible for the script for Gladiator 2. The plot should take place 25 years after the events of the first film, and focus on Lucius, son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and nephew of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix).

The young man, who followed Maximus’ revolt and his uncle’s death at the hands of the gladiator, grew up inspired by the hero. There is still no actor cast to live Lucius, played by Spencer Treat Clark (now seen in the Animal Kingdom series) in the original film.

Gladiator 2 also has no set release date.

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