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Glenn Godfrey and also Karen Brand Death: Where is Patricia Godfrey Now?

When the Godfreys returned to their home in Anchorage, Alaska, on a regular evening in August 2002, little did they know of the misfortune that awaited them. This is a tale of a malevolent mistreated fan that made a decision to take issues right into her hand that wound up with two remains as well as a drastically harmed survivor. The intricate case is carefully deciphered in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Primal Instinct: Frozen Heart.’

To many, the top-level real-life tale of murder with a spin may appear straight out of a movie. Also after more than 2 decades considering that the catastrophe, it is sufficient to intrigue and shock any individual. If you are looking to recognize the information of what precisely happened and also the story behind it, we have got you covered.

How Did Glenn Godfrey Die?

A citizen of Kodiak, Alaska, Col. Glenn Gordon Godfrey was a 53-year-old previous “top police” of Alaska State Troopers and had just recently retired as the Alaska Commissioner of Public Safety after offering in the Department of Public Safety for over 3 years. He was the initial Alaska Native state trooper. He and his 52-year-old better half Patricia “Patti” Lee Gugel Godfrey had actually been married for 35 years and also had 4 kids– Gerad, Glenn Jr., Jenna, as well as Valery. In his downtime, Glenn loved to be with his grandchildren as well as often trained the basketball as well as baseball groups of his grandson.

The duo had actually lately taken place a three-week journey to Afognak Island, where they spent some quality time delighting in a host of outdoor tasks as well as adventures, such as angling, kayaking, berry selecting, as well as walking. On August 6, 2002, the couple was slated to leave for a retired life celebration trip to Switzerland, which would also offer to memorialize their 35th wedding celebration anniversary on August 31. Nevertheless, little did the two know that they would never make it to the “Playground of Europe.”

When Glenn and Patti entered their Eagle River Drive house in Anchorage on the night of August 3, 2002, they were greeted by a weird message on their voice mail. While listening to it, the married couple was ambushed by a woman that got a.44-caliber Magnum pistol and also began contending them. The assaulter shot Glenn two times in the tummy as well as when in the head with the hollowpoint bullets before turning the weapon towards his partner.

While Patti was trying to run away the scene by heading upstairs, the perpetrator fired her four times– hurting her tummy, leg, and arm. Nevertheless, Patti took care of to call as well as reach the bedroom 911. But as destiny would have it, a database mistake and also the handling of the call by a newbie operator apparently sent out the emergency situation feedback group to the wrong area, resulting in an approximately 48-minute hold-up in the arrival of paramedics and also authorities.

When aid ultimately arrived, Patti was alive but in critical condition, with bullet tears in her tummy as well as leg as well as the best arm almost cut. They instantly rushed a hurt Patti to the Alaska Regional Hospital for emergency treatment and also articulated Glenn dead at the scene. Together with locating the murder weapon, the authorities likewise made a startling exploration.

Who Killed Glenn Godfrey?

Obviously, the woman was determined as 33-year-old Karen Brand, that offered as the Vice President of the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce. Glenn as well as Karen had been in an adulterous affair, which the previous had actually recently educated his spouse concerning.

Glenn and also Patti at first got divided over the problem, according to cops reports, however since then had actually fixed up after Glenn called off his illegal partnership with Karen. As per the authorities, a angered and anxious Karen had chosen to look for vengeance on Glenn considering that their break up, which resulted in the solution of this lethal strategy. The detectives believed that Karen had broken into the home of the Godfreys a couple of days previously and taken the Magnum hand gun that she would ultimately use to kill Glenn and also injure Patti prior to using it on herself.

She hid in a wardrobe of the Godfrey home as well as assailed the couple. She reportedly informed Patti, “If I can not have him, none of us can. The enemy after that went downstairs to take her very own life with the exact same assault tool.

Where Is Patricia Godfrey Today?

A severely hurt Patti had called 911 on August 3, 2002, yet the dispatcher that got the call had never ever tackled such an important situation prior to, as per records. Combined with the noticeable absence of experience of the dispatcher, there was a glitch in the database that raised an obsolete address instead of the right one. Patti’s daughter, Valery Hanson, later on said that help came to the incorrect address– Eagle Glacier Loop as opposed to Eagle River Drive.

The data source glitch had actually resulted in the Godfrey building being one of those 5000 residential or commercial properties that were unregistered in maps or data sources of the Anchorage Police Department. Even as Patti communicated her address over the call– not when but three times– the dispatchers reportedly really did not ask her for instructions as well as instead sent aid to the address that popped up in their computer system data source. As a result, Patty needed to endure a 48-min wait to get aid as the authorities could not find her address.

Over three months after the event that transformed her life inverted, Patti was still recouping as well as had numerous operations lined up because of a burst tympanum, a cut colon, a broken bone in her arm, and multiple wounds to her busts as well as left leg. Luckily, Patti at some point went as well as endured on to file a claim against the Anchorage town over the claimed violation of the right to confidentiality and gross oversight.

In August 2004, she cleared up the claim and also got a settlement to the tune of $700,000. As a part of the negotiation, Patti needed to agree to function along with the Anchorage community to garner sponsors in the State Legislature for an upswing in the 911 toll. Based on reports, Patricia “Patti” Godfrey still lives in her indigenous state of Alaska, specifically in Anchorage, where she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and kids whenever they go to.

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